Let’s Start Calling Him “Jesus”

DE_3975.jpgThe Giants are now 3-1 [fixed] in games that Tim Lincecum starts. In last night’s victory against the Astros, the G’s got yet another stellar effort from their starting rotation as Lincecum Jesus pitched eight strong innings as he squared off against one of the best pitchers in the league (Roy Oswalt). Armando Benitez even capped off the victory with a perfect ninth inning (gasp!). Barry Bonds continued to mire in a slump, though his two intentional walks led to Giants runs.

But the story was–and continues to be–Mr. Lincecum. In his three starts, the diminutive 5-foot-11 rookie has gone seven, seven and eight innings, respectively:

“That’s impressive what he’s doing,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “Gave up two, but regrouped and kept pitching. At his age and with as little professional experience as he has — it’s obvious he has great stuff — but just his poise out there and mound presence is very impressive.”

To make things even more impressive, Jesus dominated the Astros for the second time in a week; when major league hitters still can’t solve a pitcher after seeing him for 15 innings in a week span, you know you’re good.


The Rookie Does It Again [SFGate]


3 Responses to Let’s Start Calling Him “Jesus”

  1. cam says:

    Actually 3-1. Giants lost to Phillies in Lincecum’s 1st start

  2. One Flap Down says:

    He got the no decision in the Phils game. However, Benitez didn’t have a perfect 9th.

  3. Say Hey says:

    When it comes to ‘Mando, scoreless = perfect.

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