Nostalgia: Kevin Mitchell Fun Facts

In lieu of our normal nostalgia feature, where we give you a recap/update of a Bay Area sports personality, we’re just going to give you some fun facts about 1989 MVP, bare-handed outfielder and two-time All Star Kevin Mitchell, because we just can’t make this stuff up:

  • In 1982, he fought with teammate Darryl Strawberry … during a pickup basketball game.
  • During the final inning of Game Six 1986 Mets-Red Sox World Series (aka the Bill Buckner inning), Mitchell was in the clubhouse making plane reservations.
  • In 1995, Mitchell opted to play in Japan, where he became the highest paid player in Japanese history.
  • In 1998, he was arrested for assaulting … his father.
  • In 2000, while in the minors, he punched the opposing team’s owner in the mouth during a brawl and was suspended for nine games.
  • Mitchell’s famous gold tooth is rumored to have come after he broke his tooth eating a frozen chocolate donut.
  • Finally, in Dwight Gooden’s autobiography, Gooden recounts a story where Mitchell held his friends hostage and then decapitated his girlfriend’s cat with a 12-inch knife: “I was horrified by the sight: Mitch was holding the cat’s head in one hand, while the body dropped to the floor, blood pouring out from where the head once was, limbs still twitching.” … Happy Wednesday, kids.

Kevin Mitchell [Wikipedia]

Kevin Mitchell [Urban Legend Reference Pages]

24 Responses to Nostalgia: Kevin Mitchell Fun Facts

  1. B says:

    Why me? Why me?… Why did I read that? Cause it was there. But I enjoyed it.

  2. phony gwynn says:

    This is out of Jeff Pearlman’s book “The Bad Guys Won,” but I loved the story about how one July 4 when he was with the Mets, he was sitting in the Shea clubhouse watching TV with a clubhouse attendant and they showed a shot of the Statue of Liberty and Mitchell says something like ‘Man, I’d love to go there and see that sometime.’

    And the attendant just looks at him and finally says, ‘Kevin, that’s here in New York. It’s like 20 minutes away.’

  3. Humor Blog says:

    At least it wasn’t the girlfriend who got decapitated.

  4. injuryrate says:

    I remember from years ago in a Sports Illustrated story that Mitchell had a car stereo that was voice activated. The way to turn it on was by saying “Wake up, bitch.”

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  6. I thought Gooden had came out and admitted he made up that whole cat deciptiation thing.

    though Mitchell admittedly had already started changing when he was called to bat in the 86 WS, and was not wearing his cup.

  7. George says:

    I think that Gooden retracted the story after he had a little talk with Mitchell about it.

    And by talk I mean Mitchell holding him upside down off a balcony Suge Knight style.

  8. Enlightened Meathead says:

    He also used to eat Vicks Vapo- rub when he was sick

  9. soxfan63 says:

    I’ve always been a fan of when he missed time for straining his ribcage while puking. I seem to remember he heaved DURING a game some time, but my memory is fuzzy..

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  11. Nick says:

    Nice article. His brother is actually the coach of an A Ball team here in the Quad Cities.

  12. Razib says:

    Great! I enjoyed it… 🙂

    Canvas of life – The lives of real people

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  14. madmouser says:

    Another role model. Baseball used to have heroes, but now all they have are a bunch of criminals and crybabies. They no longer get my money because I stopped going to the games and I used to make at least 20 games a year. No more, no way…

  15. Kevin Mitchell was an interesting fellow for sure, I don’t know if he was a role model.

  16. jemix says:

    Good article, i like this post. Thank you

  17. jay says:

    I also recall that at one point, when he was overweight, KM had one of the funniest nicknames ever: tatanka, the sioux word for buffalo, popularized in ‘dances with wolves.’

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  20. shug says:

    i had the enjoyment of growing up with kevin and tommy,mitchell they both were very good when it came to baseball.and as they got older i new that one of them was going to make the mitchell name known, in the game of baseball. the only thing i hated about playing baseball with kevin, is that he would slug the baseball out of the apartment complex over the walbash freeway down by the legedary boxer archie moores house. the good o day’s.

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