Barry Zito Is Number One!

Our main man–and Hilary Duff “companion”–Barry Zito got ranked number one in an ESPN article!

Too bad it’s the list of most overrated players in the major leagues, according to baseball writer/god Jason Stark (we mean that literally–Stark knows his stuff). Here’s what Stark had to say on the matter:

As I said in the book, “overpaid” isn’t always the same thing as “overrated.” But it definitely works in Zito’s case.

Not that it’s some kind of disgrace for any team to say it employs this guy. Never misses a start. Logs those innings. Snaps off those picturesque curveballs. Leads the league in likability. And we admire him for all of those qualities.

But should he really be the proud owner of the most humongous pitching contract in history (seven years, $126 million)? For all those who think that answer is yes, better peruse these facts first:

Since his Cy Young season in 2002 (23-5, 2.75 ERA), Zito has a higher ERA than Carl Pavano, a lower strikeout rate than Mark Redman and a lousier WHIP than Odalis Perez. And his current 32-30 strikeout-walk ratio (143rd among the 155 starting pitchers with at least 20 innings this year) tells you he now does more nibbling than chef Paul Prudhomme. So why is this man making $18 million a year again?

Carl Pavano? Mark Redman? Odalis Perez? Make it stop! Make it stop!

We still have faith in our man Zito. We have every hope that he’ll finish the year with a sub-4.00 ERA and about 15 wins. Sure he hasn’t been great, but he’s had some starts where he’s pitched well enough to get a victory, but the Giants’ anemic offense just couldn’t get the job done. In fact, in his five losses, the Giants have scored more than three runs just once. Also, despite his troubles, Zito has been the inning-eater everyone expected, going at least six innings in every game except the Oakland fiasco and Opening Day.

We’ve got faith in you, Barry.

But there’s no reason you should be fourth in the league in walks allowed.

Most overrated — from Zito to Suppan [ESPN]

2 Responses to Barry Zito Is Number One!

  1. mary says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee hilary dufff shes wayy to good for barryyy!

  2. Marisa says:


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