Giants Roundup: Brooms Busted Out

  • With Condi Rice and Willie Mays chatting in the stands, Barry Zito bounced back from his wretched weekend performance against Oakland to notch his fourth win of the year. To add to the weirdness, fatty Bengie Molina somehow stumbled his way to a triple. All in all, the win capped off an impressive sweep of the Astros that saw Houston score just three runs in three games. Up next: the Rocky Mountain State Rockies. [SFGate]
  • Barry Bonds hoopla: to watch or not to watch? [CC Times]
  • Not everyone has that dilemma though. When asked if he’d reconsider his decision to boycott Bonds’ record-breaking homerun, Hank Aaron responded thusly: “I will never reconsider my decision.” [AP]
  • Speaking of old-timers, Ernie Banks said that Mays and Aaron will accompany him at Wrigley Field when the Cubs unveil a statue of Banks: “We all came into the National League around the same time and we established great friendships with each other. Our kids knew each other. We have held onto that friendship through the years. I want them all to be there with me.” We’d give anything to be a fly on that wall; it’s like the Rat Pack of baseball. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Fresh off a 20-game hit streak, Randy Winn now thinks Joe DiMaggio’s 56-gamer can be broken. Good luck with that, Randy. [SFGate]
  • Hey! Did you guys know that people wait in McCovey Cove with the hope of catching a Barry Bonds homerun? Wasn’t this story done like five years ago? [ESPN P2]
  • For some reason, the following line in an article about Kevin Frandsen’s recent college graduation made us chuckle: “The Giants have more college graduates on their roster than most teams: Mark Sweeney (Maine), Dave Roberts (UCLA) and Vinnie Chulk (St. Thomas) also hold bachelor’s degrees.”[SJ Merc]
  • The Giants need bats. The Yankees need pitchers. Hmmm … We’re gonna think about this. [The Splash]

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