Barry Mania Goes To New York


In New York, there are many papers.

It’s the media capital of the world.

This morning, just about every daily has an article about Senor Bonds and surprisingly, the media is kind of on Barry’s side. Mostly. A little.

Newsday points out how Bonds has never been pulled over for a DUI or anything of that ilk, and he has the opportunity to “win a measure of respect from society and the baseball planet, if not love” by making a heartfelt apology.

The Post highlights the hypocrisy of Mets fans, who will undoubtedly boo Bonds throughout the three-day set yet embrace Guillermo Mota, who–in a stunning stroke of coincidence–returns from a 50-game steroid suspension today.

Finally, the Daily News interviews the Mets’ elderstatesman, Tom Glavine. The always well-spoken Glavine had a pretty sensical take on the “cloud of suspicion” over this generation of players: “I guess because I know I haven’t done anything, and because I’m pretty certain 99.9% of the people who follow this game know I’ve never done anything, I’ve never really worried about it.”

Even got into the act with a disturbing article about Bonds’ safety during his quest. Let’s not talk about that right now.

Come clean with all-time apology [Newsday]

Hypocrisy: Booing Bonds as Mota returns [NY Post]

Tom delivers on Barry [Daily News]

So just how safe is Barry? [ESPN]

2 Responses to Barry Mania Goes To New York

  1. B says:

    Wow, that last article gave me the “willies”. Great news roundup today.

  2. B says:

    The commentators on ESPN just compared Fred Lewis to Willie Mcgee. It is a reasonable assessment.

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