Nostalgia: The 2000 NLDS

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.In honor of the Gigantes’ visit to the Big Apple tonight …

One of the Giants’ more heartbreaking yet forgotten playoff series in recent memory is the 2000 National League Division Series against the New York Mets. The Giants were coming off a league-best 97-win season that saw them win the division by 11 games.

Because we love looking at old lineups, here are the lineups from the series opener:

   New York Mets                 San Francisco Giants

1. Agbayani            lf        Benard              cf

2. Payton              cf        Mueller             3b

3. Alfonzo             2b        Bonds               lf

4. Piazza              c         Kent                2b

5. Ventura             3b        Burks               rf

6. Zeile               1b        Aurilia             ss

7. Bell                rf        Snow                1b

8. Bordick             ss        Estalella           c

9. Hampton             p         Hernandez           p

The Giants dominated Game One at Pac Bell behind Livan Hernandez and Robb Nen. Barry Bonds stole bases and hit a triple while Ellis Burks went yard as the Giants won 5-1.

In Game Two, the favored Mets came out determined to make it a series. In a battle between two lefties (Estes and Leiter), the Mets held a 2-1 lead for the majority of the ballgame. After scoring two more runs in the top of the ninth off Felix Rodriguez (yes, shocking), the Mets brought in their intimidating closer, one Armando Benitez, to close out the game after Bonds hit a leadoff double off Leiter, who went eight-plus strong innings. Jeff Kent singled off Armando, setting the stage for JT Snow, who then hit one of the most memorable homeruns in recent Giants history to tie the game 4-4. Sadly, Rodriguez then blew the game in the tenth.

(Sidenote: undeniably, the most frustrating moment of Game Two occurred in the third inning. In the midst of a rally, Shawn Estes slid into second, somehow hurt his ankle on the bag and then got off the bag to be tagged out, killing the rally. Every single person watching the game simultaneously yelled “WHY DID HE GET OFF THE BAG?!”)

Game Three at Shea was another heartbreaker. Benny Agbayani–yes, Benny Agbayani–hit a game-winning homerun in the bottom of the tenth.

Then some guy named BJ Jones tossed a one-hit, complete game shutout to polish off the season for San Francisco.

Most. Frustrating. Series. Ever.

One Response to Nostalgia: The 2000 NLDS

  1. B says:

    I forgot about Ellis Burks. I liked him.

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