A’s Roundup: Haren Tearin’ Up The AL


  • Dan Haren continues to be the best pitcher in the league, as the Oakland ace went eight innings to lower his ERA to a gaudy 1.64. How’s that Mark Mulder deal looking now, St. Louis? [SFGate]
  • Haren was actually throwing downhill last night. [Catfish Stew]
  • The A’s injury list just keeps on fluctuating. Milton Bradley returned to the lineup yesterday and Mark Kotsay is slated to return on Friday, but Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez are hobbled with new ailments of their own. [SFGate]
  • The A’s sent down Hiram Bocachica to make room for Bradley’s return to the active roster. All fans immediately responded in the same way: the A’s had someone named Bocachica? [The Drumbeat]
  • Is it just us, or is the A’s wooing of Fremont the most underreported story in the Bay? [New A’s Ballpark]
  • “The Black Aces” were honored the other night. Of the mere 13 black 20-game winners, three did it in Oakland: Dave Stewart, Vida Blue and Mike “Don’t Call Me Chuck” Norris. [Official Site]
  • Speaking of Stew, he’s just about had enough of this Roger Clemens hoopla. [Throwin Heat]
  • More “xtreme” baseball coverage! [100% Injury Rate]
  • You know, this Jason Giambi fella …. well, it’s probably best he left the Bay. [Edge of Sports]

One Response to A’s Roundup: Haren Tearin’ Up The AL

  1. John Carpentar says:

    RE: Vida Blue
    I went into an Italian clothing store a few weeks ago, in the east bay area, they sell suits, golf and resort wear endorsed by athletes – that they do not even care about. (why do I say this?) Get this….
    I over heard the lady in the store (employee i assume) scream “those stupid baseball player’s don’t know anything”, as she stormed into the back room. Wow! she did not even care if I heard!!!
    This store was selling Vida Blue golf shirts – interesting!?? Isn’t he a Baseball LEGEND? Did I hear her call Vida a stupid baseball player?hummm
    By the way the store is called Cassara’s.
    My 2cents
    A Sports fan

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