What To Think?

June 29, 2007

Ever since last night’s stirring chain of events, we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster.

At first, we were utterly depressed, resigned that the Warriors were inevitably going to opt for another big white guy to join the likes of Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Todd Fuller.

Then we were absolutley elated when they chose Marco Belinelli out of nowhere. Mully, you sly fox you. The Italian guard appears to be a perfect fit in Nellie’s system. He shoots well (and often), can spread the floor, can finish on the break and might be the next Manu Ginobili.

Then we almost jumped off a bridge upon hearing that the W’s traded Jason Richardson for … Brandan Wright? Huh? Are you kidding me? Why would they trade a fan favorite, a loyal player and a pretty damn good scorer for an unproven, skinny kid who can’t shoot?

Then we were confused that the second round pick played on the national team for a country called “Gabon.” Cue the Googles. Turns out it’s a real country … in central Africa, FYI.

Then we were mad about the Wright move again. Isn’t the time to win now? He might be good later, but he was widely regarded as one of the top players not ready to contribute right away. Baron can’t hold up for more than two more years, wethinks.

Then we understood the move a bit. It gives the W’s a lot of cap space, and even though one might argue that J-Rich is the kind of player you make cap space for in the first place, perhaps the flexibility will allow the W’s to make a splash in the FA market this year or next. Rashard Lewis would certainly look pretty in a City throwback. As would Gerald Wallace.

In the end, we’re still not sure what to think about the Wright-Richardson trade, but we are sure of four things:

1. We’re firmly entrenched on the Marco Belinelli bandwagon.

2. Monta Ellis better step up.

3. The Warriors are not done wheeling and dealing.

4. We’ll miss Jason.


Warriors Pre-Draft Thoughts

June 28, 2007

https://i2.wp.com/www.draftexpress.com/gallery/YiJianlian/1135587152.jpgThe draft is upon us.

We’ve just gotten excellent news that Nellie is staying. Could this mean that they know something we don’t?

Mully and the Warriors have been extremely active on the phones thus far, as the rumor mill has been churning for weeks now, leading to tonight. Monta Ellis, Jason Richardson, Andris Biedrins and Adonal Foyle (really) have all been prominent in trade talks, with the W’s going hard after Chinese phenom Yi Jialian, who is projected to go anywhere from #3 to #11.

Our thoughts:

  • Keep J-Rich. Maybe we’re suckers for nice guys and loyalty, but how many NBA players take out full-page apologies? We’re also willing to bet that the jump-shooting, lay-up prone J-Rich we saw in the second half of last season will be replaced by a fully healthy, in-shape retro version next year. Which means dunks.
  • If Monta Ellis can get the Warriors in the Top 10, you have to consider it. If Atlanta is willing to swap the #3, pull the trigger and take Al Horford. Easy decision. If it comes down to Yi or even Joakim Noah for Ellis, we say roll the dice and do it. Yi and Noah have bust potential, but combo guards like Ellis are much easier to find than 7’0″ uber-athletic (yes, uber) guys who would be perfect in Nellie’s system: run, jump, catch alley-oop. Also consider Ellis’ injury history, his size (how many 6’0″ impure point guards have been successful in the league?), and the doubt that we’ll be able to resign him.

If we keep the #18 pick, the following players have been slotted in the draft range:

  • Thaddeus Young: A lefty leaper, Josh Smith Jr; but we have plenty of swingmen, unless we lose both Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus. Maybe.
  • Sean Williams: The big man who draws comparisons to Amare Stoudemire is easily the best defensive big man in the draft not named Greg. A Top Ten talent, but his checkered history is troubling. Check out this article on him. We’d roll the dice on Williams, hoping to get lucky at #18 and stealing the sleeper of the draft. But we don’t have to live with the consequences.
  • Jason Smith: Not another center who dominated in a second tier conference. We’ve been down this road before with Patrick O’Bryant, Adonal Foyle and Todd Fuller. Most mock drafts have the W’s taking Smith. Shudder. /negativity
  • Josh McRoberts: No.
  • Julian Wright: If he’s there, Mullin has to take him right? Most drafts have Wright going in the #8-#15 range, but some have him falling.
  • Petteri Koponen: Yeah yeah, too early for #18, but at #36, we hope he’s there. The Finnish point guard is a personal favorite and we will never ever forgive the W’s if they pass on him at #36. We’re rooting for him to fall, but we’d bet the house that a savvy team like the Spurs or Mavs snatch up the Flying Finn. Fall, Finn, Fall!
  • Other players we’d snatch up in the second round (we also have the #46) : Marco Belinelli, Jared Dudley (will be gone), Taurean Green, Marcus Williams, DJ Strawberry (if only for the Daaaaaarrrrrrylll, Daaaaaaaarrrrryll chants), Aaron Brooks (please please take him at #46), Michael Fey (just kidding)
  • Avoid: Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Arron Afflalo (sorry Bruins), Aaron Gray

Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Geronimo Berroa?

June 28, 2007

The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.baseball-almanac.com/players/pics/geronimo_berroa_auto.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Geronimo Berroa was one of the free-swinging A’s of the mid-90s. You’ll recall that those teams relied heavily on the long ball, the lineup scattered with the likes of Mark McGwire, Matt Stairs, Jason Giambi, and uh, Ernie Young.

Berroa came into the league in the late ’80s with big expectations from the Braves organization. He could never put it together in the minors though, basically sucking his way into getting released in 1991. Over the next couple years, he tried his hand with the Mariners, Indians, Marlins and Reds before stopping in Oakland, his sixth organization in three years.

Berroa’s wanton offensive ways fit in perfectly with the relaxed A’s team. He stepped in as the DH and contributed immediately, hitting .306 in 1994. He had his best year two years later, in 1996, when he swatted 36 homeruns, along with 106 RBIs and a tidy .290 average. The A’s traded him to the Orioles the following year; he never duplicated his Oaktown success. He hit three homeruns over the next three seasons after his trade to Baltimore. Interesting, no?

As for his current whereabouts e’s believed to have returned to his native Dominican Republic, where seedy former athletes have been seizing his house and possessions. Or something along those lines.

Also, the most fun thing about Berroa was his first name. Geronimo!

Geronimo Berroa [Baseball Reference]

Clip Of The Day: One Reason NOT To Trade Jason Richardson

June 27, 2007

With a cornucopia of trade rumors circling J-Rich lately, we thought we’d provide a good reason to keep Jason around the Bay: he’s a great guy.

Here’s hoping Patrick O’Bryant likes popcorn. Considering how the rookie performed last year, he’s lucky it’s just popcorn.

Quote of the video, by that Frenchman Mickael Pietrus (sporting the bright green pants!) in the background: “Hawpee New Yeeeaaawww!!”

The “Keep J-Rich Movement” starts … now.

(Note: It seems Monta Ellis has become the latest Warrior to be involved in trade talk.)

Nostalgia: The 1995 Draft, Revisited

June 27, 2007

This media-roundup video of the 1995 Draft is a little long, but full of gems, including the debate between Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace and “the safe pick,” Joe Smith. It’s downright painful at some points.

Aside from a young(er) Gary Radnich and a Mark Ibanez sighting (!), our favorite part is this Greg Papa quote: “People want to get Karl Malone and Derrick Coleman and all these great power forwards.”

Yep, Derrick Coleman: great power forward.


June 27, 2007
  • Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Barry Bonds tore two ligaments in his left ankle! He’s expected to be out for two months! … Oh, you say that just happened to Bonds’ son, the Giants’ bat-boy? But it’s on the ESPN front page and everything. Yeah, this thing is getting out of hand. [ESPN]
  • Seeing as how Bonds is struggling so much, why in the world do teams keep walking him? [Ostler Blog]
  • Barry Bonds, a giver after all. [SJ Merc]
  • Both Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr believe Bonds should be in the All-Star game, unquestionably. The Hall of Fame though … [SFGate]
  • Never one to take personal jabs (sarcasm), Jeff Pearlman says Barry Zito has changed for the worse since coming up as a quirky, easygoing lefty in the A’s system. This quick but scathing article is a must-read for both Giants and A’s fans. [ESPN]
  • What else could the Giants be spending Zito’s $126 million on? A couple F-14 fighter jets, for starters. [100% Injury Rate]
  • If Sabean has a roster fire sale, who would we miss? [McCovey Chronicles]
  • How are the old men holding up in the doldrums of summer? Omar Vizquel has “tightness in his right groin” and Rich Aurilia has a “neck strain.” Heavens.
  • Rod Beck would never have driven a Lexus. Can’t tap a keg in the back. [ESPN]

Our NBA Draft Wish List, Picks 6-10

June 27, 2007

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The interwebs are completely abuzz with news, notes, rumors and the like regarding Thursday’s NBA Draft. With the NBA playoffs (Warriors aside) evolving into a snoozefest, the draft is the last hope for entertainment for basketball lovers everywhere … at least until the fall. So, we’d like to present a version of the draft that is sure to provide maximum entertainment. Sure it won’t happen … but you can imagine if it did!

6. Milwaukee Bucks: Andrew Bogut is severely disappointed that none of the options are Australian, let alone old enough to drink, thus robbing him of a potential drinking buddy. Following their course, the Bucks opt for yet another safe pick, Georgetown’s Jeff Green.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin McHale announces that he made a promise to big man Spencer Hawes, saying that he’s got “a good feeling” about the 7’1″ white guy who barely averaged six rebounds a game. Upon hearing that Minnesota A) drafted Hawes and B) failed to get a deal done, Kevin Garnett suddenly disappears, like the world movers in Atlas Shrugged … what?

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