Giants Roundup: Benitez Aftermath

  • As expected, Brad Hennessey will get the first crack at the closer job. Bochy also added “emphatically” that Tim Lincecum will not be moved to a relief role. Then again, on Tuesday, Bochy also said that Benitez is still the closer. [SFGate]
  • The Onion hit the streets to figure out what the common people think of the Benitez dump … [McCovey Chronicles]
  • … while Ray Ratto plays the role of eugooglizer for the Benitez Era. [SFGate]
  • And in case you were wondering how Florida fans feel about Blownetiz coming to town, consider this quote from a Marlins blog: “<shudder>” [FishStripes]
  • The Giants must protect their young rotation and the leads it provides them. [SJ Merc]
  • Barry Bonds hearts A-Rod … []
  • … and it’s safe to say A-Rod hearts Bonds too, seeing as how he has a thing for “the she-male, muscular type.” [The FanHouse]
  • Look Giants fans! Salomon Torres blew another save in “an embarrassing performance.” (And yes, we’re totally over 1993). [Post-Gazette]
  • Just because the New York trip was a dud, it doesn’t mean that we still won’t see any hostile action on this road trip, because here. comes. Philly. [Philly Burbs]
  • Giants fans are garnering respect in the blogosphere. And by garnering, we mean losing. [The700Level]

One Response to Giants Roundup: Benitez Aftermath

  1. nickwill says:

    Armando was killing my fantasy team. Luckily I got Brad to replace him after. What can I say, I’m a vulture when it comes to saves.
    Check out my sports blog, I’m going to write about this topic soon:

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