Santa Clara 49ers Offseason Update: Who Needs “Electricity”? several months now, the city of Santa Clara has been considering the numbers and practicality of erecting a proposed $854 million stadium to house the 49ers. With the 49ers demanding a decision last week, the city council turned its head toward some of the specific demands:

On Tuesday, the Santa Clara City Council looked at two other demands from the team: Having the city move a planned parking structure for the Santa Clara Convention Center so it could be used for game-day parking; and relocating an electric utility substation that would be in the way of the proposed stadium — a move that would cost Santa Clara at least $20 million.

Santa Clara is starting to explore a number of funding possibilities, Santa Clara Assistant City Manager Ron Garratt said, including using money from the city’s electric utility reserve fund and putting revenue-generating development on 11 acres of city land near the proposed stadium site.

Now, is it really in the best interests of a city to sacrifice your spare electricity money for a football team that no one really wants to be moved from San Francisco? This is starting to sound like a Simpsons episode. How do the Jesuits feel about this?

For the record, our favorite stadium idea remains the one about the Niners and Raiders sharing one. For good measure, put it on Treasure Island. Al Davis sharing a stadium with John York? Priceless.

Santa Clara considers 49ers’ stadium demands [Examiner]


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