Giants Roundup: “You Took Steroids! You Took Steroids!”

  • Phillies fans get really creative in their chants, as evidenced by the above video. [The FanHouse]
  • Mediocrity, thy name is the San Francisco Giants. The Gigantes continued to hover around .500 as Barry Zito escaped a shaky start with some clutch pitches as the Giants beat the Phillies 8-1 to split the four-game set. In his last three starts, Zito has gone 20 innings and only given up one earned run. If Zito turns into the ace of this staff, as originally expected, the Giants rotation would be downright scary. [SFGate]
  • This week’s “Barry Bonds is coming to town so let’s write an article about how he’s tainting the game” article comes from the Arizona Republic and says absolutely nothing original. Go on, read it. [Arizona Republic]
  • Russ Ortiz, fresh off his anointment as setup man, is now hurt. [SFGate]
  • Barry Bonds has one homerun in his last 61 at-bats. Compare that number with 11 homeruns in his first 76 at-bats of the year.
  • Zito is very good when he’s given a four-run cushion. Start producing, Fred Lewis. [100% Injury Rate]
  • The best pennant race is in the NL West, according to Page 2’s Jonah Keri. [ESPN]
  • On Thursday, Major League Baseball will conduct its annual draft. Representing your San Francisco Giants: Felipe Alou, Jack Hiatt and … early 90s backup catcher Steve Decker? []
  • It’s a power-pitching-fest tonight as Randy Johnson and Matt Cain face off in the desert. [SFGate]

2 Responses to Giants Roundup: “You Took Steroids! You Took Steroids!”

  1. nonsense729 says:

    Best steroid chant I’ve heard of is “Who’s your dealer” to giambi and sheffield a few years ago at Fenway Park. Same as the “Who’s your stripper” chant to Arod this weekend. haha

    Check out my blog,

  2. Gracie Harland says:

    The best I heard was in New York at Shea. For at least three full innings the whole stadium chanted in unison. Barroid!! Barroid!! Barroid!!
    Funny thing – not a bit of it was reported on ESPN… but it was LOUD!!
    Poor Barry – what a bafoon.

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