Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Jeremy Giambi? know, sometimes steroids just don’t work.

Jeremy Giambi, Jason’s younger brother, last played in the majors in 2003 with the Boston Redsox. In 2004 and 2005, he signed minor league contracts with the Dodgers and Whitesox, respectively, but never got to the big leagues.

Giambi’s career climaxed with his 2000-2002 stint with the Oakland A’s. While in Oakland, the younger Giambi was a key component of the team’s “frat boy” locker room culture. In 2001, he was a regular in the outfield with a .283 average and career-high 57 RBIs. 2001 was the peak of his career; it was all downhill after that.

It’s rare that you can pinpoint the beginning of player’s career downward spiral to a specific moment, but that’s exactly what happened to Jeremy Giambi. In the 2001 playoffs, he really should have slid into home to avoid the “Jeter Flip.”

Since then, Giambi was traded to the Phillies for John Mabry of all people, was summoned to a grand jury in the steroid probe and had his supposedly-confidential testimony (in which he admitted to using anabolic steroids) leaked.

Should’ve slid, dude.

Jeremy Giambi [Wikipedia]

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