A’s Roundup: Welcome, Boys Of Summer

  • Chavvy is heating up as he homered in his second straight game in Oakland’s fourth straight victory. Could this be the start of yet another winning-streak-laden summer for the A’s? Lenny DiNardo also got some sweet, sweet revenge on the team that released him right before spring training, tossing four double-play balls en route to six scoreless innings against his former mates. [SFGate]
  • Was Chavez’s earlier homerun the turning point of the season? [The Drumbeat]
  • The difference between a 6.5-game deficit for the A’s and a 6.5-game deficit for the Giants? With the A’s, Bruce Jenkins always “see[s] hope, a payoff for doing things right against massive financial obstacles.” [The Chronicle Sports Columnist Blog]
  • Is there any doubt that Dan Haren is a legit ace? Take Buster Olney’s praise of Oakland’s #1: “He has more than met the challenge, so far, leading the AL in ERA (1.70), ranking third in the majors in innings (90) and sitting tied for first in the majors with Jake Peavy in quality start percentage (0.92). Opponents are hitting .178 against him. He takes the ball and pitches deep into games — he has thrown seven or more innings in 10 of 13 starts, in an era when six decent innings has become the standard — and gives Oakland a chance to win, with the Athletics going 9-4 in his 13 starts.” Not since the 2002 glory days of Jason Schmidt has the Bay seen a starting pitcher dominate like Haren has this year. Sorry, Chad Gaudin, but it’s true. [Buster Olney Blog, Insider]
  • Jack Cust is not A-Rod. Oh well. [Catfish Stew]
  • Rich Harden: to start or not to start? Manager Bob Geren said that his oft-injured stud pitcher will likely do his rehab work in the Oakland bullpen rather than as a starter in the minor league system. A conversation with Billy Beane looms. [SFGate]
  • Tony LaRussa’s on the ballot for world’s sexiest vegetarian. And why shouldn’t he be? [The FanHouse]
  • Do you have an “aha!” moment during baseball games? [Athletics Nation]
  • Mike Piazza might have a “groan!” moment during some upcoming games; the A’s are considering putting the tired old man (who just came off shoulder surgery) back behind the plate. Shouldn’t the Giants be taking notes from the A’s, not the other way around? [SFGate]

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