Duke Repercussions? De Anza Baseball Rape Case Getting Interesting

logond.gifA couple weeks ago, it appeared that the sexual assault case involving several members of the De Anza baseball team was over. However, today, the State Attorney General’s office revealed that it plans to look into the Santa Clara DA’s decision to not file charges related to the alleged gang rape of the 17-year-old girl. The DA’s controversial decision was supposedly a result of “insufficient evidence to support the filing of charges” and infuriated many people, including the victim’s family:

“Someone needs to take responsibility for their actions and hopefully face consequences,” said April Grolle, one of the soccer players who witnessed the alleged rape …

“The question is not whether reasonable minds might disagree with the D.A.’s decision,” Kravets said, “but whether a reasonable prosecutor, looking at all the facts of the case, would almost always reach a different decision than that originally reached by the district attorney in this case.”

As the state’s top prosecutor, Brown has the authority to file charges on his own and has wide latitude in deciding how to pursue the case, particularly if any new evidence or testimony would support a felony prosecution of the alleged assailants.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith also is continuing to investigate the case. Sheriff’s Cmdr. John Hirokawa earlier told The Chronicle that investigators “believe a crime has occurred, but to prove it is a different story.”

Sheriff’s deputies will have an opportunity to present their evidence again as state prosecutors and investigators are expected to start work on the case today.

Granted, it’s not getting the same amount of notoriety as the Duke lacrosse controversy, but we can’t help but wonder if the Duke mess has something to do with the DA’s reluctance to push the case. The DA in the Duke case, Mike Nifong, pressed the case without any evidence, condemned the suspects in the mainstream media and in the end, lost his job in an utter wave of disgrace. Could Dolores Carr be scared of becoming the next Mike Nifong?

State to review De Anza rape case [SFGate]

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