How Can Barry Bonds Have Shin Splints? Bonds missed yesterday’s game against Randy Johnson and the Arizona due to shin splints in both shins.

To which we replied, “WTF?”

Yes, we know Bonds is 42. We also know he’s had many a knee surgery in recent years, yada yada yada. But according to the Mayo Clinic, shin splints are a “running-related injury” common to runners who run too much, causing a running overload on the shinbone.

Um, anyone who has watched a Giants game this year can tell you that Barry never runs on or off the field. He has his spurts if a ball is hit near him, or on close plays on the bases. He runs when he has to.

But is that really enough to get shin splints?

Of all the people to get a running-related injury, Bonds has got to be the last player to be get one. It’s like Dave Dravecky having tennis elbow, Chris Farley suffering from anorexia or Al Davis having heartburn.

Bonds held out of lineup with shin splints, aching knees [ESPN]

Shin Splints [Mayo Clinic]


7 Responses to How Can Barry Bonds Have Shin Splints?

  1. sfgfan says:

    Everyone i making too big of a deal on Bonds sitting out. A shin splint, from what I understand, is when an abnormal amount of pressure/weight is put on the shin during running. To help curb this, you run with proper range of motion in your legs, where you try to get a decent amount of extension with each step.

    With Bonds’ bad knees, which are supposedly causing some pain as of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if his running motion has been hindered. Considering he’s played in the second most games on the entire roster (behind only Randy Winn), an injury, like a shin splint, is totally possible. If he’s been pressing on his hurt knees for the past few weeks, which he has, it’s totally feasible that he’s favoring the knees, altering his running motion.

    This is just based on what I understand about shin splints. I think people give Bonds way too much crap for his injuries. Sure, they sound minor to most people, but who is to say they aren’t there nonetheless? He’s 42, he’s been running on those legs for what, two decades? This is not to mention he’s got hardly any cartilage left in his knees.

    Give the guy a break.

  2. Say Hey says:

    Barry Bonds has been an Iron Man throughout his career. I wasn’t so much criticizing his newly-hobbled status or implying that the injury is fake so much as merely poking fun at the ironic nature of the injury (running-related).

    With that said, yeah, it’s most likely from his altered running motion.

    A bigger cause for concern is that the Giants are banged up and the dog days of summer aren’t even upon us yet.

  3. sfgfan says:

    Yeah, there is some concern there. I’m not worried so much about Roberts or Bonds as I am Durham. Bonds just needs some rest, and hopefully Roberts’ elbow is okay when he comes back.

    Durham’s injuries appear to be recurring or happening because of another injury. Maybe a stint on the DL (or the bench) when Roberts returns could do him some good.

  4. cgsmks says:

    Maybe he didn’t want to try to hit against Randy Johnson? Nah, can’t be that simple.

  5. […] How Can Barry Bonds Have Shin Splints? [image]Barry Bonds missed yesterday’s game against Randy Johnson and the Arizona due to shin splints in both […] […]

  6. abarclay12 says:

    I’m with you. Shinsplints are for wussies anyhow. Notice he did not and will never make my “Team Hottie Injured.” Check out my blog for the list though.

  7. John says:

    Not cool . . . and the Dravecky comment . . .Boo! Hater!

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