You Know You’ve Made It Big When …

This past weekend was the 19th Annual Special Olympics Metro Tournament in NYC. The Empire State Building was even lit red and green for the occasion (why red and green, we have no clue–your suggestions, however, are more than welcome in the comments section).

But the reason we mention the special event–which is a great cause, by the way–is because the strippers dancers from the National Lacrosse League (FYI: the Bay Area team is called the San Jose Stealth ) were heavily promoted as performing for the special athletes: DANCE TEAM AT SPECIAL OLYMPICS!

First of all, how bad must it feel if to be a dancer for National Lacrosse League, shaking your half-naked body for the likes of the Chicago Shamrox, the Edmonton Rush or the Buffalo Bandits? [Shudder]

Second of all, how much worse does your job as a dancer for the National Lacrosse League become when the highlight of the season is performing at Riverside Park for the Special Olympics, noble as it may be? … Should’ve taken that job at Hooters, man. (There’s a joke about wings in there somewhere …)

Third of all, here’s a clip from Family Guy:

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