The 10 Ugliest Bay Area Uniforms

The Bay Area is home to some of the best uniforms in sports. In just about every case, classic uniforms are best and the Giants, A’s, Niners and (gulp) Raiders all currently sport aesthetically simple yet tradition-rich uniforms. Plus, the Warriors “The City” jerseys get our vote as the best uniform in the history of the NBA, if not all of sports.

With that said, we’ve been witness to some visual pollution over the years and there are still a good deal of atrocities roaming the playing fields (and rinks) of our fair cities. So without any further ado, we present our first draft of … The Ugliest Bay Area Uniforms.

10. Cal Bears football: Solid color pants rarely work, especially when the accompanying jersey is bright yellow with navy claw marks sneaking up into the arm pit areas. But the good news is that there are worse uni’s in the Pac-10.

9. The 1970 California Golden Seals: A’s owner Charlie Finley bought the struggling NHL team and outfitted them in the Athletics’ trademark yellow and green. But the team sucked, lost money and became the Cleveland Barons.

8. Golden State Warriors alternate jersey: We hate them. Orange (along with teal) is a color that is guaranteed to look terrible on a team that has never worn it before. Baron’s Beard agrees. Plus, they make Andris Biedrins look much too tan.

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7. Circa 1975 Giants caps: For some reason, the colored visor just doesn’t look right on baseball caps. And even though the curved “SF” is just fine and dandy, we much prefer the spiked version.

Jackie Spencer selected to MPSF All-Tournament Team

6. St. Mary’s Women’s Lacrosse: Sorry, just had to point out the use of goggles. If you look on the webpage, you’ll see the majority of the team employs the same scary eye protection.

5. 1944 San Francisco Seals: The Seals’ more familiar jerseys are San Francisco classics (you’ll probably recognize the 1933 version and the 1938 version). Now, we’re not sure if it was because of the war or what, but the uniforms really dropped off in terms of creativity once the ’40s came around. Yeesh, get some flair on that thing.

4. San Jose Earthquakes: Apparently, there’s a soccer team in the Bay Area and their fans include Creepy Steroid Smurf.

3. 2002 San Francisco Giants alternate jersey: In 2002, the Giants thought they’d hop on the “alternate jersey” bandwagon, occasionally trotting out black jerseys for road games. They looked terribly inappropriate and we’re fairly certain the Giants lost every time they donned the jerseys of death. On the other hand, they did go to the World Series that year.

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2. San Francisco Spiders: Who can forget the glory that was the San Francisco Spiders? Even with one of the worst logos in the history of history, the Spiders managed to make their uniforms worse with the fuchsia, amethyst, magenta and fading black.

1. 1999 San Francisco Giants “Turn Ahead The Clock Day”: On the eve of the millennium, major league baseball punished its fans by unveiling some of the worst outfits in history. They were so bad that even Sportscenter called them out. The quasi-sleeveless, V-neck jerseys had a giant (no pun intended) “SF” randomly positioned on the torso. Our eyes were never the same.

19 Responses to The 10 Ugliest Bay Area Uniforms

  1. abarclay12 says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I cannot in good conscience agree with you about Cal’s unis. Not just because I went there, but because we look tough. Come on . . .take off the Earthquakes – they don’t even exist anymore.

  2. dp says:

    I’m bay area guy who happened to go to Oregon (proudly, I might add) and all I can say is: “Yowza.” I don’t even know what that means, but Yowza.

  3. B says:

    How do you even come across the St. Mary’s Women Lacrosse team website? That is some legitimate researchin’ into the Bay Area sports scene. And although the Earthquakes are now the defending Houston Dynamo (with decent orange jerseys actually), it was worth the inset picture because it started a whole new list- Scariest Mascots Ever. That “thing” looks like an old man on crack.

  4. newhoosier says:

    I’ve never understood how Green and Yellow could go together.

    Some are a stretch, some are spot on. It’s hard when it’s such a geographically small area.

  5. wjackalope says:

    if I remember correctly the Giants alternate black jersey was used not on the road but during Home Friday night games. or maybe it was all friday night games. But I know they weren’t just road uni’s. I don’t really miss them but I didn’t have a problem with them either. I don’t like most alternate jerseys because I think that much color looks wrong on a baseball uniform, but a black jersey works IMHO.

    I’m glad you called out the Warriors’ orange jersey, what an atrocity.

  6. Say Hey says:


    You’re right. According to this nifty little uniform timeline on their official site, the Giants wore them on the road and at home, but in 2002, they only wore them on the road.

  7. […] The 10 Ugliest Bay Area Uniforms The Bay Area is home to some of the best uniforms in sports. In just about every case, classic uniforms are best and […] […]

  8. Fred K says:

    If you knew anything about classic uniforms you wouldn’t claim that the Niners are sporting classic uniforms.They updated their uniforms for their 50th anniversary by adding the dreadful color Black like everyone else to sell product and changed to 3 different stripe styles that don’t match.If and when they go back to their old Traditional(and Better uniforms of Walsh and Co. )with matching stripes and large stripes on their jersey’s they will be Classic.PS the Raiders have never had to change their Classic look to sell jersey’s.ouch that must hurt.

  9. Say Hey says:

    Fred K–

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Believe it or not, I’m actually quite aware that the uniforms worn by the Niners today are, in fact, different from the ones from the 80s and 90s. Compared to most professional teams (just here in California, take the Warriors, Sacramento Kings, LA Angels, SD Padres), the changes are quite subtle. The gold and red motif remains true to the original designs.

    As for the Raiders, well, it’s true that they haven’t really changed their jerseys much (though their original colors were gold and black if I’m not mistaken), they did win a whole two games last year. So there.

    I try to be nice to the Raiders in my original post, and this is what happens …

  10. alex says:

    This is wrong. The Giants Friday night jersey had black letters. I own one and it looks pretty sweet. The hideous orange lettering on the back is not the authentic jersey. Just watch Barry Bonds and 71 and 72

  11. Rex says:

    The 49ers classic uniform ( 1960-1995) were truley great! The Warriors “The City” look is a favorite of everybody, except the organization I guess.

    How can you bag on that 1970 Seals uniform? Did you see the one’s before and after?

  12. Kevin Z. says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory to wear goggles in high school and college women’s lacrosse so that would explain why most (actually all) of the team wears them.

  13. Big G says:

    Those California Seals uniforms were great! It was the uniforms they wore prior, and the final two years that looked horrible! As for the Warriors, Chris Cohan has done everything in his power to destroy this franchise, so when you see fans begging for the traditional blue and gold “The City” look, don’t expect anything better than the blue and orange with the comic book mascot for years to come.

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