Giants Roundup: Debbie Downer Edition

Get the man some help, or get the whole team and start over.Barry Bonds hasn’t homered in 72 at-bats.

Barry Bonds hit .194 in the month of May.

Barry Bonds is hitting .233 (21 for 90) since April.

In the month of June, Barry Bonds has more strikeouts (7) than walks (6), which (if you know anything about Bonds) is absolutely shocking, considering his career BB/K ratio is 1.65, including an inhuman 5.66 walk to strikeout ratio in 2004.

The team as a whole has taken on the persona of its leader–Mister Bonds: tired, apathetic and disinterested. Too many old vets and not enough good youngsters (sorry Fred Lewis; Jose Reyes you ain’t). And at this stage in his career, Bonds is not a good leader for a last-place team like this one.

But have no fear, ye fans who are already depressed … the Toronto Bluejays are coming to town!

Here’s the rest of the depressing Giants news from around the Interwebs. Instead of our usual, witty candor, we’re just going to excerpt telling quotes from selected articles:

  • “The Giants have reached Tampa Bay Devil Rays status – a target that’s just a little too easy at which to poke fun. Except the Devil Rays know how to develop hitting, so they’re a team on the rise.” [McCovey Chronicles]
  • “This year’s Giants are a fan’s nightmare: Old, boring and gutless. They are nearly impossible to watch. This is easily the most annoying, most disappointing Giants team in the last 20 years.” [The Splash]
  • Ray Ratto: “Instead, they are flatter than Phil Leotardo’s head. They are 28-34, and they’re eight games out in both races. Bonds is stuck dead at 746 and starting to lose the audience, the greatest sin an entertainer can commit. The crowds are barely larger than a year ago despite the irresistible lure/extortionate benefits of the grand fete on July 10. And all that pitching can be summed up in Matt Cain’s line Sunday — eight innings, five hits, one of them Marco Scutaro’s third homer of the year (and 27th of his career, if you’re worried about Bonds’ hegemony), and his sixth loss in eight decisions.” [SFGate]
  • “Even if the Giants turned it around with the current crew — hey, stranger things have happened — they would have to pass four teams, two of which, the Dodgers and D-Backs, are so loaded with young talent they have the trading means to bulk up big-time for the stretch run.” [El Lefty Malo]
  • “With today’s disgusting loss, the Giants have hit one of the worst stretches in memory — 4-12 in the last 16 games. Hard to believe this team was 24-22 less than three weeks ago! What in hell did Brian Sabean think would happen when he told the team after trading Blownitez that they sucked? Meanwhile, the team has now lost 23 games this year by two runs or less — which goes to show that THIS GUY CANNOT IDENTIFY OFFENSIVE TALENT. If I had done my job as bad as he has, I would have been fired years ago.” [Giants Win]

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