Meanwhile, The Oakland A’s Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

While the Giants continue to do their best Silvio Dante impression (read: comatose), the A’s have won eight of their last nine games. Interestingly enough, while the Giants rotation gets all the publicity, it’s the Oakland pitching staff that is atop the league:

ERA: 3.11 (1st)

Batting Average Against: .233 (1st)

OPS: .646 (1st)

WHIP: 1.19 (1st)

Quality Starts: 41 (1st)

Dan Haren has easily been the best pitcher in the entire league and he and Chad Gaudin are tops in ERA (1.58 and 2.43, respectively). Perhaps most impressive is that the A’s are doing this without Rich Harden and Huston Street.

The rest of the A’s news …

  • For some reason, we didn’t expect someone with a last name of Suzuki to have a first name like Kurt. But whatever. The Triple-A call-up/catching heir apparent has gotten raves in Sacramento; his arrival also means Mike Piazza probably won’t have to do any catching (thank heavens). [SFGate]
  • Were the A’s stoned on photo day? Nick Swisher, we’re looking at you. [Sportszilla]
  • Shannon Stewart is clutch yo. No, the Giants couldn’t use him. [Official Site]
  • Alan Embree was the team’s best offseason acquisition. No, the Giants couldn’t use him. [The Drumbeat]

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