Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Kirt Manwaring?

Kirt Manwaring was a defensive stalwart behind the plate for the Giants of the early 1990s. Spending the first nine years of his professional career in the Giants organization (before heading off to Houston and Colorado), Manwaring was undoubtedly partially responsible for the strong Giants pitching during that stretch (along with Roger Craig and his splitter of course).

Manwaring had to be good with pitchers, because the guy couldn’t hit a lick; in 13 years in the bigs and a permanent residence in the eighth spot in the batting order, he hit .246 with a whopping 21 homeruns.

The thing we remember most about Manwaring is his calm, steadying mannerism on the field. He was a very good defensive catcher and handled the pitching staff very well. His hands were always communicating with the pitcher, whether it was to reaffirm a good pitch or to convey composure.

In 1993, he won a Gold Glove and the Willie Mac Award. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

In April 2007, Manwaring had his jersey retired by his alma mater, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. And anyone who doesn’t “get” the mascot should read more Chaucer.


13 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Kirt Manwaring?

  1. Kristi Jordan Biggerstaff says:

    I went to college with Kirt. I was talking about him to the 6th grade students that I teach. None of them had ever heard of him so I had them look him up to see that he was a real person. I also wanted to see what he might be doing these days now that he no longer plays ball professionally. I use to hang out with some of the guys that he lived with and just thought it would be interesting to know after all these years.


  2. LaurenM says:

    For a man that “couldn’t hit a lick”, he sure did win two highly coveted awards within the game. You know what else he has going for him, the fact that out of the 100’s of 1,000’s of men who dream of being in the big leagues, not only did he make it there but he stayed there for longer than most players could ever hope for. Kirt Manwaring now coachs for the San Francisco Giants.

  3. DerekO says:

    ya im a neighbor of his and he is the nicest guy i have ever met so he absolutely still has his mannerism of his.

  4. Triad5 says:

    Kirt is an instructor during spring training with the Giants working with the young catchers. Outside of that he is retired and spends time hunting, fishing, taking care of his property, and cutting wood.

    He resides in his hometown of Horseheads, NY

  5. Holly says:

    Kirt was my favorite player back in the early 90’s and I went to many many games at Candlestick. He was always very nice, and I met him at a trade show, where he signed my #8 Manwaring jersey, which I still have, and I have a photo with him while he was signing it. As for not “hitting a lick”- bullcrap! I remember going to a game where he hit 2 homeruns! I LOVED it! To this day, 8 is still my favorite number! I really miss the Giants of 1993- to me, that was my favorite year of baseball, although very heartbreaking because they should have made it to the world series, but the stupid Braves had to ruin it…them and Soloman Torres!

    Miss you Kirt!

    • Jeanne Dildine Stafford says:

      Does any one out there know who Kirt’s parents are? I know we are related but can’t find out who is parents are so I can put the family tree together. My dad was Leo Manwaring Dildine, his father was Leon Manwaring and his father was Wesley Manwaring. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks

      • eugene manwaring says:

        hey jeanne i was looking up the same information on kirt because a friend of mine who is older is claiming that he might be kirts father. do you have any information on his mother i think her name might be madaline krawll idk if the spelling is correct but my friends name is eugene manwaring. so if you could please get back to me with an email thank you

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kirt is my first cousin, and those names are not familiar to me. don’t think any relation to leo or wesley.

    • Jeanne says:

      I am still looking for Kirt’s parents, anyone out their have any information?

      • Anonymous says:

        His parents are Mary and Harold. I am Kirts daughter so I know that for a fact. He worked so hard to achieve what many young boys dream of accomplishing. It’s so sad when people write articles downing his achievements.

  7. Michelle says:

    Harry Leroy Manwaring Jr 1934 and Mary Booth Clearwater 1935

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