Food For Thought: How Different Are The Giants And A’s?

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Giants record: 29-34
A’s record: 34-28

Giants Last 10: 3-7
A’s Last 10: 8-2

Giants runs allowed: 252
A’s runs allowed: 214

Giants payroll: $90,862,064
A’s payroll: $60,323,254

Giants All-Star makes: Barry Bonds, $15,533,970
A’s All-Star makes: Dan Haren, $2,250,000

Giants team batting average: .253
A’s team batting average: .251

On the Giants disabled list this year: Eliezer Alfonzo, Russ Ortiz, Fred Lewis, Dave Roberts, Mark Sweeney
On the A’s disabled list this year: Milton Bradley, Mark Kotsay, Esteban Loaiza, Dan Johnson, Rich Harden, Bobby Kielty, Mike Piazza, Huston Street, Chris Snelling, Justin Duchscherer, Connor Robertson


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