Nostalgia: Before TO, There Was Just Terrell

You know, we were looking for something Niners-related to satiate your thirst for football during this offseason. We thought about something Joe Montana related. Ronnie Lott is always good for some entertainment. Harris Barton could always tell a mean yarn.

But then we remembered the halcyon days when a certain young, hardworking wide receiver Terrell Owens was quickly emerging from the shadow of John Taylor and JJ Stokes as the secondary receiver to Jerry Rice. It seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

Of course, looking back, Owens eventually eclipsed Rice as the receiving star on the Niners, and no moment in time better captures the changing of the guard like the Niners’ epic first round upset over the Packers. Rice had fumbled his only catch of the game earlier on the drive. Even the announcers expected Young to go to Rice. But it was Terrell Owens.

Consider this the catch that gave birth to the entity known as TO.


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