Byron Houston Is Incorrigible

Byron Houston

You remember former Warrior Byron Houston, and if you don’t, you most certainly will now.

A couple weeks ago, we did a “Whatever Happened To …” on Mr. Houston. We reminisced about his disappointing career with the Warriors, his even more disappointing career in the Phillippine Basketball Association with the Sunkist Orange Juicers and Swift Mighty Meaties, and finally, his totally unfair dismissal from a children’s basketball camp (sex offenders can’t instruct children? whaaa?).

Last night, Mr. Houston was arrested once more on an indecent exposure charge:

A woman called police around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday to report that a man was masturbating at an intersection in northwestern Oklahoma City, police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said. Officers found Houston in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with his underwear on the floorboard, and the woman positively identified him, Knight said.

Hey, what else is Byron Houston going to do at 5:45 on a Thursday evening in Oklahoma?

We’d make some other joke, but that is one scary mugshot (is that a chain around his neck or a tattoo of a chain?)

Byron Houston arrested for exposure [SI]

Earlier: Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Byron Houston? [Say Hey]


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