Giants Roundup: … And That Makes Five In A Row

Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday. Chalk it up to planes, trains and automobiles ..

  • For the 17th time in their last 23 games, the Giants lost. The culprits? The usual suspects: lack of clutch hitting and plenty of bad karma from the baseball gods. [SFGate]
  • The Betting Fool wagers this is going to be a long, painful summer for the men in orange and black: “The Giants are baseball’s version of an Oreo cookie left too long in milk: Soft and crumbling on the outside, useless goo on the inside.” [The Splash]
  • The latest Giant to go on the DL with old man syndrome: Rich Aurilia. You laugh, but this excerpt is pretty sad: “However, the pain returned Sunday and the medical staff decided Aurilia needed an extended rest.” Sigh. [SFGate]
  • As the losses pile up, it is becoming more and more likely that Brian Sabean will hold a firesale at the trade deadline. Players who will likely garner interest from contending clubs include Matt Morris, Ray Durham, Omar Vizquel and Pedro Feliz. [SJ Merc]
  • But will (can) Barry Bonds get traded? This option has become even more complicated with the tedious nature of the record chase and Bonds’ insistence that he’ll be back next year: “Bonds used his Fenway platform to announce that he absolutely plans to come back next season. So the nightmare – another season hamstrung and weighted down by the past – could come true. A midseason trade would cut the cord and save Sabean from another embarrassing off-season of being told one thing, then being forced to reverse course. ” [SJ Merc]
  • Can you handle a Giants rebuilding year process? [Giants Talk]
  • What do the Giants bloggers think about all this? [SFist]

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  1. Al Sharpton says:

    He is one of my favorite players.
    I also love this website at

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