Kurt Suzuki > Mike Piazza, Or The Worst Idea Ever.

https://i2.wp.com/media.scout.com/Media/Image/30/302157m.gifWe have a confession: we completely don’t “get” Oakland’s “plan” to play Mike Piazza at “catcher.”

Actually, we can’t think of a worse plan.

First of all, Piazza was a terrible defensive catcher ten years ago when he was young, healthy and able-bodied. Now he’s a 38-year-old mess of an old man with neither leg nor arm strength. The A’s brought in the former Dodger/Met to be a designated hitter and fill the right-handed power hitter void left by Frank Thomas. By forcing him to catch, the A’s will undoubtedly take away from Piazza’s offensive game, particularly down the stretch in September, when his body will surely be aching.https://i2.wp.com/cache.deadspin.com/archives/mikepiazza.jpg

Plus, his return will now be delayed three weeks as he reinvents himself as a catcher in Triple-A.

But the biggest nonsensical aspect of the “idea” is the fact that the A’s have a young stud catcher in Kurt Suzuki. Suzuki is already better offensively than Jason Kendall and is clearly the heir apparent. While there’s an argument to be made for Suzuki playing everyday in the minors, it doesn’t seem to be worth it, considering Kendall will likely need several days off every month and the A’s have no backup catcher.

Keep Suzuki as the backup. Get Piazza back in the lineup–as a DH.

A’s to play Piazza at catcher [Vallejo Times Herald]


One Response to Kurt Suzuki > Mike Piazza, Or The Worst Idea Ever.

  1. DG says:

    To play devil’s advocate, here are a couple of reasons it makes sense:
    1. Jack Cust is suddenly swinging a hot bat again. The A’s can’t really afford to have to DHs on the roster. The 3 weeks will give the A’s a chance to ride the rest of Cust’s hot streak and then replace him with Piazza.

    2. Jason Kendall played 143 games last year. That means he sat about 2 games a month. Having Piazza be the catcher for those games gives the A’s one more backup fielder.

    3. Suzuki is clearly the future. Playing 2 games a month isn’t going to benefit him. Let him play at AAA, and then call him up in September when Kendall’s knees are tired and the days off will really do him some good. Next year Kurt can take over the every-day duties.

    Personally, I think they should pretty much platoon Suzuki and Kendall now. Leave Piazza as the DH, and dump Cust (with a nice thank you for his unexpected contributions… maybe a gold watch?). But I can see why they’re doing it the way they are.

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