Baron Davis, Stylin’ Freely

Who knew? In this video from the guys over at 100%, Baron ain’t half bad at talking quickly and rhyming off the top of his head. Let’s just hope he’s working out in between stints in chic London hip-hop shoe stores, because the last things the Warriors need is a complacent, out-of-shape Baron to show up at camp at the end of the summer.

Anyhoo, Baron Davis need a rap name. Just about anything is better than the NBA rapper-precedent of “Shaq Fu.” Suggestions?

Early candidates: BoomDizzle, B-Diddy, Beard-Thugs-N-Harmony, BD (has a) Cool J.

BDizzle has a second career waiting [100% Injury Rate]


One Response to Baron Davis, Stylin’ Freely

  1. Baron Davis is not a pretty ball player but not sure about his singing ability. Is rapping actually considered singing though?

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