The Zito Apologist: Any Day Now, Things Will Turn Around

When it rains, it pours. Clearly, Barry Zito and the Giants are no exception to this centuries-old maxim. Now, the correct easy thing to do would be to say Zito has not lived up to his Brobdingnagian contract in a terribly joyless season that somehow continues to ceaselessly sink deeper and deeper into a fathomless abyss of doom.

Sure, Zito gave up six runs in four innings yesterday, including four runs after five batters. Sure, this is the third consecutive start in which he’s failed to reach the sixth inning. Sure, he’s given up 15 earned runs in his last 13 innings pitched. Sure, Henry Schulman called yesterday’s outing “a baseball disaster.”

But it’s a team game, people. One man cannot turn this team around. It needs to be a team effort, as baseball is the ultimate team game. The good news is that the media focus is off Zito now. A crummy start is no longer news; hell, it’s expected. That’s just what he wants. Remember: the A’s were always a second-half team, and this is still the first half of the season. Any day, Barry Zito will become the Cy Young winner we know and love. And by “know and love,” we mean “are paying a billion dollars.”

Right? Right?

Bitter end to S.F.’s abysmal road trip [SFGate]


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