Giants Roundup: Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds. Right, Cody Ransom?

  • Hey Giants fans, need a pick-me-up? A reminder of the good times? Sorry, the Chronicle would like to remind of one of the most heartbreaking losses in Giants history, Game 7 of the 1962 World Series. Well at least we’ve gotten close since then. Once.

That Fall Classic ended with both a bang and a whimper, a blistering line drive that was caught, leaving a sellout crowd at Candlestick Park in stunned, defeated silence.

It was baseball at its heart-stopping best. The Giants trailed 1-0 with two outs in the ninth inning, but they had the Yankees right where they wanted them: Matty Alou on third, Willie Mays on second, and cleanup hitter Willie McCovey coming up against the Yankees’ Ralph Terry.

On a 1-1 pitch, McCovey lined a ball that second baseman Bobby Richardson speared after moving slightly to his left. “I couldn’t hit that ball any better,” said McCovey, 69, who never got any closer to the brass ring. [SFGate]

  • Yep, that’s probably how the Yankees series is going to go. [McCovey Chronicles]
  • See, losing is good. Instead of the slow deterioration of the last several years–which saw the Giants gradually devolve from World Series contender to respectable third place team–this year is a full-blown stinkfest. Consider this year to be a swift bullet in the head rather than a painful hospital bed death. Or something like that. [Bugs & Cranks]
  • Bruce Jenkins is not surprised the Giants are in last place. Not surprised at all. [SFGate]
  • Before the Shinjo Era dawned, the Giants were home to the first Japanese baseball player in the league, when the summer of 1962 brought 20-year-old reliever Masanori “Mashi” Murakami to the Bay. [The Extrapolator]
  • The Giants will definitely be prime players in the upcoming Alex Rodriguez sweepstakes. [SJ Merc]
  • Matt Morris is still friends with the late Darryl Kile. [Official Site]
  • Shockingly, the New York media has opinions on Barry Bonds. [NY Daily News]
  • People want names out of Jason Grimsley. [Steroid Nation]
  • The always excellent Jayson Stark put forth two points about the Giants. First, Matt Cain might be the best 2-7 pitcher in history. He has lost two 1-0 games and one 2-0 game. The bullpen has blown three saves. The “offense” has scored two runs or fewer in nine of his starts. Second, a National League front-officer has this to say on the possibility of trading Barry Bonds this year: “The Giants would have to assume all the money. He’s got a no-trade in his contract, and he’s a 10-and-5 man. He can’t run at all. He can’t play the outfield. Every ball hit into the left-field corner is a double or a triple because he can’t get there. His bat has slowed down. And I even think he looks unsure of himself at the plate. He’s not swinging at good pitches like he used to. And he’s not driving the ball like he used to. So I can’t see any way [he gets traded].” [ESPN]

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