So Many Questions, So Few Wins

We’re not sure why, but we can’t get enough of “Uh, Meatball?”

The “Q&A” ad campaign from a couple years ago was one of the best ad campaigns in recent memory. Granted, this year’s team isn’t exactly bubbling over in personality, but we would still enjoy a renaissance of the spots.

Some possible questions:

“Hey Barry Zito, is your mattress really stuffed with $100 bills?”

“Hey Randy Winn, do you ever sit in Bonds’ leather recliner, just to piss him off?”

“Hey Matt Cain, if you had to shoot one player on the team, who would it be? Vinnie Chulk, right?

“Hey Bruce Bochy, do you cry yourself to sleep?”

“Hey Mark Sweeney, have you given any HGH to any leftfielders this year?”

“Hey Ray Durham, has anyone ever told you that you look like my friend Devin?”

“Hey Luis Figueroa, how does it feel to embark on your 11th professional campaign as a non-roster invitee? I mean, you’re 5’9″ and 33 years old. Maybe you should try your hand at law school or something?”

“Hey Randy Messenger, why do you wear your hat like that?”


One Response to So Many Questions, So Few Wins

  1. TP says:

    You’re right . Devin does look like Ray.

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