• Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Barry Bonds tore two ligaments in his left ankle! He’s expected to be out for two months! … Oh, you say that just happened to Bonds’ son, the Giants’ bat-boy? But it’s on the ESPN front page and everything. Yeah, this thing is getting out of hand. [ESPN]
  • Seeing as how Bonds is struggling so much, why in the world do teams keep walking him? [Ostler Blog]
  • Barry Bonds, a giver after all. [SJ Merc]
  • Both Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr believe Bonds should be in the All-Star game, unquestionably. The Hall of Fame though … [SFGate]
  • Never one to take personal jabs (sarcasm), Jeff Pearlman says Barry Zito has changed for the worse since coming up as a quirky, easygoing lefty in the A’s system. This quick but scathing article is a must-read for both Giants and A’s fans. [ESPN]
  • What else could the Giants be spending Zito’s $126 million on? A couple F-14 fighter jets, for starters. [100% Injury Rate]
  • If Sabean has a roster fire sale, who would we miss? [McCovey Chronicles]
  • How are the old men holding up in the doldrums of summer? Omar Vizquel has “tightness in his right groin” and Rich Aurilia has a “neck strain.” Heavens.
  • Rod Beck would never have driven a Lexus. Can’t tap a keg in the back. [ESPN]

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