Warriors Pre-Draft Thoughts

https://i1.wp.com/www.draftexpress.com/gallery/YiJianlian/1135587152.jpgThe draft is upon us.

We’ve just gotten excellent news that Nellie is staying. Could this mean that they know something we don’t?

Mully and the Warriors have been extremely active on the phones thus far, as the rumor mill has been churning for weeks now, leading to tonight. Monta Ellis, Jason Richardson, Andris Biedrins and Adonal Foyle (really) have all been prominent in trade talks, with the W’s going hard after Chinese phenom Yi Jialian, who is projected to go anywhere from #3 to #11.

Our thoughts:

  • Keep J-Rich. Maybe we’re suckers for nice guys and loyalty, but how many NBA players take out full-page apologies? We’re also willing to bet that the jump-shooting, lay-up prone J-Rich we saw in the second half of last season will be replaced by a fully healthy, in-shape retro version next year. Which means dunks.
  • If Monta Ellis can get the Warriors in the Top 10, you have to consider it. If Atlanta is willing to swap the #3, pull the trigger and take Al Horford. Easy decision. If it comes down to Yi or even Joakim Noah for Ellis, we say roll the dice and do it. Yi and Noah have bust potential, but combo guards like Ellis are much easier to find than 7’0″ uber-athletic (yes, uber) guys who would be perfect in Nellie’s system: run, jump, catch alley-oop. Also consider Ellis’ injury history, his size (how many 6’0″ impure point guards have been successful in the league?), and the doubt that we’ll be able to resign him.

If we keep the #18 pick, the following players have been slotted in the draft range:

  • Thaddeus Young: A lefty leaper, Josh Smith Jr; but we have plenty of swingmen, unless we lose both Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus. Maybe.
  • Sean Williams: The big man who draws comparisons to Amare Stoudemire is easily the best defensive big man in the draft not named Greg. A Top Ten talent, but his checkered history is troubling. Check out this article on him. We’d roll the dice on Williams, hoping to get lucky at #18 and stealing the sleeper of the draft. But we don’t have to live with the consequences.
  • Jason Smith: Not another center who dominated in a second tier conference. We’ve been down this road before with Patrick O’Bryant, Adonal Foyle and Todd Fuller. Most mock drafts have the W’s taking Smith. Shudder. /negativity
  • Josh McRoberts: No.
  • Julian Wright: If he’s there, Mullin has to take him right? Most drafts have Wright going in the #8-#15 range, but some have him falling.
  • Petteri Koponen: Yeah yeah, too early for #18, but at #36, we hope he’s there. The Finnish point guard is a personal favorite and we will never ever forgive the W’s if they pass on him at #36. We’re rooting for him to fall, but we’d bet the house that a savvy team like the Spurs or Mavs snatch up the Flying Finn. Fall, Finn, Fall!
  • Other players we’d snatch up in the second round (we also have the #46) : Marco Belinelli, Jared Dudley (will be gone), Taurean Green, Marcus Williams, DJ Strawberry (if only for the Daaaaaarrrrrrylll, Daaaaaaaarrrrryll chants), Aaron Brooks (please please take him at #46), Michael Fey (just kidding)
  • Avoid: Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Arron Afflalo (sorry Bruins), Aaron Gray

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