What To Think?

Ever since last night’s stirring chain of events, we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster.

At first, we were utterly depressed, resigned that the Warriors were inevitably going to opt for another big white guy to join the likes of Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Todd Fuller.

Then we were absolutley elated when they chose Marco Belinelli out of nowhere. Mully, you sly fox you. The Italian guard appears to be a perfect fit in Nellie’s system. He shoots well (and often), can spread the floor, can finish on the break and might be the next Manu Ginobili.

Then we almost jumped off a bridge upon hearing that the W’s traded Jason Richardson for … Brandan Wright? Huh? Are you kidding me? Why would they trade a fan favorite, a loyal player and a pretty damn good scorer for an unproven, skinny kid who can’t shoot?

Then we were confused that the second round pick played on the national team for a country called “Gabon.” Cue the Googles. Turns out it’s a real country … in central Africa, FYI.

Then we were mad about the Wright move again. Isn’t the time to win now? He might be good later, but he was widely regarded as one of the top players not ready to contribute right away. Baron can’t hold up for more than two more years, wethinks.

Then we understood the move a bit. It gives the W’s a lot of cap space, and even though one might argue that J-Rich is the kind of player you make cap space for in the first place, perhaps the flexibility will allow the W’s to make a splash in the FA market this year or next. Rashard Lewis would certainly look pretty in a City throwback. As would Gerald Wallace.

In the end, we’re still not sure what to think about the Wright-Richardson trade, but we are sure of four things:

1. We’re firmly entrenched on the Marco Belinelli bandwagon.

2. Monta Ellis better step up.

3. The Warriors are not done wheeling and dealing.

4. We’ll miss Jason.


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