J-Rich Not Happy With Mully And Co. Right Now

https://i2.wp.com/heat.sport24.com/images/mn/1139736377.jpgIt’s a tough racket, that NBA.

In his first public comments since the big draft day trade that sent him to Charlotte, Jason Richardson said he felt hurt, betrayed and sad about the news. And we feel for him. From what he says, it seems like the Warriors didn’t do right by him, and considering J-Rich’s classy, loyal persona, it must’ve taken a lot for him to publicly indict his former employers. Richardson said that despite the swirling rumors surrounding him, Mully told him that they wouldn’t trade him:

Ideally, Richardson said he would’ve liked to have his agent and Mullin work together to send Richardson to a place he’d like to play, just as Minnesota is doing for Kevin Garnett. But Mullin, Richardson said, remained steadfast in his stance that Richardson wouldn’t be traded, that the Warriors were building around him.

So when Richardson got wind from his agent, who learned from a reporter, that he was Charlotte, N.C.-bound, and Mullin wouldn’t answer either of their calls, Richardson said he felt betrayed.

Other interesting tidbits (are there any other types of tidbits?) from the article include the revelation that J-Rich privately asked Mully to trade him prior to the 2006 campaign and the fact that J-Rich was so hurt by the trade that he screened calls from his mother and Michael Jordan.

Our take: on one hand, that’s the business J-Rich is in and he still gets paid healthily for it. On the other hand, it does seem like Mully and company screwed him. At least J-Rich finds himself in a good situation, on an up-and-coming team that will be able to compete in the East fairly soon. He’ll be healthy, the primary scoring option and will be able to dunk on poor Adam Morrison during every practice.

As much as we like the trade (for money purposes, KG purposes and Brandan Wright upside), it pretty much seems inevitable that the W’s will miss Jason. Perhaps there will be some karma involved and the Warriors find themselves in desperate need of a shooting guard. Perhaps someone will get hurt and Monta Ellis will have some legal trouble or something (For no real reason, we have a bad feeling that Monta will find himself in the middle of a bad situation. Just a feeling. No basis whatsoever.). Even more so, J-Rich was the heart and soul of the team. Maybe Stephen Jackson can pick up the slack. Maybe Baron can. Maybe Marco Belinelli will. We shall see. But we fear the wrath of karma.

J-Rich emotionally spent [Contra Costa Times]

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