Should The Giants Trade Barry Bonds? Now that it seems apparent that Bonds will break the record before the trade deadline, a team would be more likely to take him on after he hits 756. There’s no way another team would touch him in the midst of the media circus that is the homerun chase, but things will calm down in within the next month, right?

Nay: Who in the world would want Bonds?

Yay: Any playoff contender needing an extra bat, obviously. The Redsox are set at DH. Are you telling me that the Angels wouldn’t think Bonds would be an upgrade over Casey Kotchman and his nine homeruns? The Mariners are just a couple games back and they have Jose Frickin’ Vidro manning the DH spot. Also, last I saw, Ricky Ledee was patrolling left field for the Mets. And the Yankees are always looking for old overpaid players.

Nay: But just because some teams would take him doesn’t mean the Giants should just give him away for pennies. There’s no way he’s going to end up on a National League team; no one wants that “defense.” And there are only two teams in the AL that would pick up the tab: the Yankees and Redsox. The Redsox have David Ortiz firmly entrenched in the DH hole and Manny Ramirez meandering in left already, so they’re out. The Yankees are still too far out of the playoff picture (12 games back in division, 8.5 in wild card) at this point to justify taking on Bonds. The teams that have the most pressing need–the Angels and Mariners–probably won’t pay for him, so the Giants would have to pay the bulk of the salary. Why would they do that?

Yay: For some prospects. We’re going to pay Bonds anyway and finish in last place in either scenario; why not take a flier on a prospect or two? It’s clear that the Giants’ farm system ain’t producing many position players (sorry Fred Lewis).

Nay: If we pay him, shouldn’t we have him? Whatever, this brings me to my next point: Bonds is still leading the majors in OPS by a large margin. The guy is still one of the best hitters in the league, even though he’s obviously lost a step. Why would the Giants not only give him away, but pay for him to go away? That just doesn’t make sense.

Yay: It would be a symbolic gesture, as well as a practical. Let the young kids play.

Nay: Really? You would rather watch Kevin Frandsen hit? We already have the worst, most sleep-inducing lineup in the bigs? You want to get rid of our best hitter and most (only) entertaining player? Even with all the steroid stuff, you have to admit that watching Bonds hit is a thing of beauty at times.

Yay: Yeah, nothing spells entertainment like watching a 48-year-old man lumber to the plate, stand there, take six pitches, unwrap his arm-armor and lumber to first base. Get some fresh blood in there. Give Barry’s leather recliner to Matt Cain. Trade Barry.

Nay: When the Giants get shut out for the record 16th time in a row, you’ll regret your decision. Keep him.


One Response to Should The Giants Trade Barry Bonds?

  1. CJ says:

    I think the Yay’s have it.

    Giants would not have to pay him.

    On a baseball basis, he upgrades any contending team significantly because he is still the best hitter in baseball. In the Angels and Mariners case specifically, he is a huge upgrade at DH. Though his defense in LF is not bad, despite what some writers may say, he would never have to take a day off if he DH’d – thus, he’d be more valuable to an AL team.

    On a business basis, making the playoffs vs. not making the playoffs is about $10 mill, so there is clear incentive for any team on the fence. Considering the season is more than half over, Bonds is only gonna cost about $8 mill, a discount on his effect on a pennant race. He would make a 5-game difference for most of the teams in contention and it would be a costly mistake for a team not to try and get him if any other team in contention does.

    For the Giants, tickets are already sold, they cannot make the playoffs, and the TV coverage goes kaput when he hits 756. Therefore, might as well get a prospect and save $8 mill.

    For Barry, he gets a shot at winning, won’t break 170 walks playing on a real team, can play every day, will hit more home runs with more PAs and a less challenging park (800 is near), get more hits (3000 is near), get more rbi (2000 is near), score more runs (the career record is near), and …. be able to get a bigger contract next year with the better triple crown stats.

    AL teams in contention
    Red Sox – Bonds not really needed, they are in the playoffs and the upgrade at DH and LF is not 5 games because they happen to be very good at those positions.
    Yankees – too damn late

    Tigers – huge upgrade in left, Bonds and Sheffield could split time at DH and play the field the other day. Won’t help as much in the World Series, but would help them get there.
    Indians – huge upgrade at one outfield position.
    Twins – huge upgrade at DH

    Angels – huge upgrade at DH and probably at LF in the World Series
    Mariners – huge upgrade at DH

    and yes, he also helps the Mets or the Braves or the Padres or the Dodgers or the Diamondbacks, just not as much value added as he would be in the AL. Giants wouldn’t trade him to the NL West anyway.

    Not only should Bonds be traded, there should be a bidding war to rent him for 3 months.

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