Huston Street Really Likes His Fiance. And Roses. night, Huston Street joined Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse in the broadcast booth during the game, and suffice to say, he provided some excellent candor. In case you missed it, there’s a great recap at The FanHouse, and Street apparently came off as a well-spoken, entertaining kid who they should invite into the booth a lot more often. The best part was probably Street’s revelation of his proposal, um, method:

The man bought her 1,500 roses. Not fifteen, not fifteen dozen, not even 150. One thousand five hundred roses. That’s a lot of damn roses. Street did go on to say that he got sick of having them around the house all the time because of the smell, but said his fiance wouldn’t throw them out. She’d get rid of them as they died, but when they were all dead, she made him clean them up.

Heavens, that is a lot of roses. We’re not really sure what to say about it, but just thought we’d share this news. There’s just a lot of thought-provocation here. That is all.

Huston Street Is Romantic [The FanHouse]


One Response to Huston Street Really Likes His Fiance. And Roses.

  1. Brendan Quartararo says:

    He is sooooooooo romantic. Look at his arms. His biceps are bulging out.Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Come to me sexy.

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