Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Hacksaw Reynolds?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds may not be as well-known to younger Niner fans as he should be, but that doesn’t mean his name shouldn’t be on every short list of crazy athlete stories.

Reynolds was an outstanding linebacker with the Niners during the early 80s. After spending the majority of his career with the Los Angeles Rams (remember when LA had football teams?), he brought his tough-nosed defense to the Bay, winning two Super Bowl rings (XVI, XIX).

Of course, Reynolds is probably best-known for his nickname, or rather, the way he earned that nickname: while in college at the fabled University of Tennessee, he sawed a car (some say a Chevy, some say a Porsche) in half after a 38-0 loss to rival Mississippi:

“I cut through the entire frame and drive shaft, all the way through the car. I started on Sunday and finished Monday afternoon. It took me eight hours total time,” said Reynolds, describing the efforts. He had purchased a cheap hacksaw and 13 blades, breaking all of them by the time he was done. After finishing the work, he got a witness and went to bed. The next day, when he brought more of his friends to see his handiwork, the car was gone, with nothing but the 13 broken blades left behind.

See, if only today’s football players could find the proper outlets for their aggression, like Hacksaw did. We wouldn’t have to read about Michael Vick’s dogkilling enterprises, Pacman Jones’ rainmaking exercises, Antonio Bryant’s drunken speed racing or Rae Carruth’s, um, murder.

Hacksaw, we salute you. One of the best nicknames out there…

Jack Reynolds [Wikipedia]

Jack of All Cleats [Fun Trivia]


32 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Hacksaw Reynolds?

  1. Anonymous says:

    “And Rae Curruth’s, um, murder”… Hilarious.

    • twofirst1 says:

      I think he is still around bought a trailor hitch from him for my 1977 vet a few years ago In Lauderdale Fl…real good guy gave me a bunch of autographed pictures and things that I gave to my nephew …I still go to Florida every year but the vet is gone They know him in Ft Lauderdale at the vet shop or maybe it was u haul place

  2. outback_bob says:

    I just watched a pre-game show with local TV personality Joe Fonzi doing a segment with Hacksaw. He’s still a NUT! Truly entertaining! I just wish there were more like him today! I’d love to have him by my store for a signing appearance. Let some of these younger folks meet a true NFL Legend! Thanks for the memories Hacksaw!

  3. John G says:

    He was an outstanding football player. I wonder why he is not coaching?

  4. Jan says:

    Bob I am 48 and I remember JackReynolds. I enjoyed the way he kicked you knowwhat and took names.

  5. Kathy C says:

    Jack Reynolds could always be both a sweetheart and a tough guy. It was so neat to grow up right nextdoor to him. We were always out playing footballn the backyard.

  6. Ray Weeks says:

    Being a Niner fan I would not like the games when you were down south in LA… Coming to the 49ers was a great thrill for me…Never will I forget your Xs and Os on your chauk board along the sidelines and such a vocal leader in your day

  7. Dave L says:

    Don’t understand why Hacksaw isn’t in the Hall of Fame. He was a huge part of why the niners won those two early Superbowls and was a huge part of the tough rams defence.

  8. John H says:

    I played H.S. football with Jack and his brother at Western Hills High in Cincinnati back in the mid-60s. Jack was one of the few sophmores that ever started on the Varsity. His brother was a senior. Both played inside linebacker….awesome.

  9. a.miller says:

    i am a ram fan born in phila.hav a 64 rams jersey.loved when he stuffed iccey woods or whatever his name is at the goal line

  10. MetalMan says:

    It was an old (1953 or 54) Chevrolet Bel-Aire. I know, I was there. The night after he cut it in half, somebody stole both halves!

    Archie Manning was QB for Ole Miss, and Steve Kiner, our middle linebacker made some insulting remarks about Ole Miss to a reporter. They beat us like dogs down in Oxford! On our first offensive play,they rolled Chip Kell, our All-American Center, into the offensive backfield. A long day followed!

  11. Bob R. says:

    For the Niners trip to Super Bowl XVI, their first, does anyone else remember when the Niners were boarding the team bus from the hotel to the stadium, as all players were in suits or other street clothes, JACK “HACKSAW” REYNOLDS, BOARDED THE BUS IN FULL GAME ATTIRE, including helmet and pads….When I saw that on the news before the game, I got goosebumps on my arms, and knew then the Niners were going to win Super Bowl XVI…..

  12. Chris says:

    I remember Jack from 1967-69 at my alma- mater, although none were laterally quicker, Jack wanted sprinting lessons and he asked me for help. We went to the famous UT track and Jack improved his straight ahead speed. My memory was that this guy with the early nick name “crazy”; he was crazy as a sly football fox…


  13. cincin kawin says:

    cincin kawin…

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  14. Sports Lines says:

    Sports Lines…

    […]Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Hacksaw Reynolds? « Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog[…]…

  15. Stanley says:

    I saw Jack in San Salvador – Bahamas – Where he has a house and lives for most of the year – August 2008

  16. Glee News says:

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  18. Greg risse says:

    He was every boy as good as……say….jack ham and Doug buff one

  19. Sebastiano DiSanti says:

    He made a fantastic lite beer commercial. Sawed the “TV screen” in half at the end. Still remember it 30 something years later.

  20. […] – Johnson again – Bunz eats up the lead blocker, allowing for the tackle by Craig Puki and Hacksaw Reynolds. Third down, goal to go from the 1– A pass, in the flat to Charles Alexander, just outside end […]

  21. Artie says:

    Had a great time with Hacksaw in San Salvador in 1999 were he resides most of the time enjoying life but pretty beat up from the old football days. Always had time for conversation, helping others and autographs, great individual.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    What great memories now, and what great times they were then when I watched football games in the living room laying on the carpeted floor in front of the TV, with my dad sitting in his favorite lazy boy nearby. My dad, a 4th generation Californian, born in San Pedro, loved his Los Angeles teams. It was a shared joy we had watching Hacksaw Reynolds play for the rams for so many years. They were father-son times I treasure and remember fondly.

  24. Marion Dancy says:

    I’ll never forget hacksaw, he was a hell of a linebacker!

  25. Marion Dancy says:

    Hacksaw should have his bust in Canton, Ohio. I’m just saying!

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  27. Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Hacksaw Reynolds? | Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

  28. […] Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Hacksaw Reynolds … – Jul 11, 2007 · Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds may not be as well-known to younger Niner fans as he should be, but that doesn’t mean his name shouldn’t be on every short …… […]

  29. Bob Thieman Drewersburg, In 47016 says:

    Went to Western Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio with Jack, A fun guy, we would have BB gun battles in his yard and wear googles to protect our eyes!

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