The Giants Are Who We Thought They Were!

Every spring since the late 90s, the Giants have faced the same set of criticism: too old, too frail, too much on Bonds shoulders, et cetera et cetera. And every year, they seem to eschew logic, putting together a competitive squad. Some years, like 2002, have yielded extraordinary results, while others (last year) have been a bit subpar. But even last year’s team had excuses (e.g., Bonds, Alou and Schmidt missing significant time, Felipe Alou falling asleep in the 6th inning of every game) and exciting storylines (the ageless brilliance of Omar Vizquel and Mike Matheny gets discovered in the Bay, Tyler Walker’s quest to become the sweatiest man alive) to fool you into thinking that the team wasn’t as bad as its third-place finish.

But this is year that age, injuries, complacency and general ennui caught up to the Giants. This is the year that those spring training predictions became true.

In the immortal words of Dennis Green: “The Giants are who we thought they were!”

Crown their asses!

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