Non-Bondsian Second Half Storylines

  • Brian Sabean: will he stay or will he go? [Note: there is much better reading about the Sabean issue over at McCovey Chronicles. We are mere mortals.]
  • Will Barry Zito continue to be a richer, suckier version of Shawn Estes?
  • Will there be a veteran firesale at the trade deadline?
  • Will someone–anyone–decide to be good at “offense”?
  • Will Bengie Molina’s intensity finally boil over, leading to a triple-homicide in the Giants’ clubhouse?
  • Will Fred Lewis finally change his name to Michael Tucker?
  • Will Bruce Bochy resurrect his mustache?
  • Will someone How many people will die of boredom/frustration after watching Pedro Feliz ground into an inning-ending 6-4-3 double play?
  • Speaking of Pete Happy, will this finally be Pedro Feliz’s breakout year?
  • Will Matt Cain have a sub-3.00 ERA and 20 losses?
  • Will the Giants make the playoffs? Oops, we mean …

Feel free to add your own. Thank “god” sports return tonight.


One Response to Non-Bondsian Second Half Storylines

  1. Max Mercy says:

    Will Ryan Klesko finally snap after flying out to triples alley for the 15th time this season?

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