What Are The Odds The Giants Make The Playoffs?


This morning, fresh off thinking about the upcoming second half storylines and quasi-inspired by Henry Schulman’s article about the importance of this weekend’s Dodgers series, we couldn’t help experience a quick rush of optimism.

What if the Giants get red-hot and make the playoffs?

Last year’s team rallied (kind of) in the second half. With our stupendous starting pitching (yes, stupendous), conventional wisdom says that you never say never.

Well, just when Hope flashed her pretty little eyes, we were faced with Ken Roberts’ revolutionary website that tracks each team’s odds of getting into the playoffs. The Giants’ current chances? A nifty 2.1%!

According to the chart, the Giants have to put together a second half that sees them winning 60% of their games, giving them 84-88 wins for the year.

They are, however, the odds on favorite to finish 13th, 14th or 15th in the National League.

Thanks to Ken Roberts for the tip. This won’t be the last time we check on the Giants’ chances of making the playoffs.

It’s just what the doctor ordered for this thing called optimism.

[Oh, and in case you wondering, the A’s page will probably prove to be more interesting in the long run. They currently have a 6.4% chance.]

San Francisco Giants Playoff Race [Sports Club Stats]

Oakland Athletics Playoff Race [Sports Club Stats]

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