A’s Roundup: Dog Days Indeed

  • My PhotoDan Haren did his very best to try to halt the team’s skid, but his efforts were in vain as the Twins swept the four-game series. [CC Times]
  • For a reminder of better days, there’s always Dave Stewart. [The 500 Level]
  • You know what doesn’t count as better days? 1998. [The Drumbeat]
  • Huston Street might return by next week. Here’s hoping his return lasts a little longer than Rich Harden’s. [The FanHouse]
  • One-time darling Jack Cust is mired in a 1-for-20 slump, which is still one hit better than Barry Bonds’ 0-for-20. [SFGate]
  • Who cares about Rich Harden and Huston Street! Travis Buck is finally off the DL! [ESPN]
  • A’s Nation is finally getting a sense of the hollow, hollow hopelessness that has plagued Giants fans for the last year. Don’t worry, there’s room for everyone. [Athletics Nation]
  • Nick Swisher really should have kept the long hair. Since cutting his Samson-esque locks, his average dropped 48 points, his buddy Milton Bradley was traded and the Internet stopped saying he was dating a Playboy model. [Home Run Derby]
  • Speaking of Swish, Nick Swisher’s Celebrity Bash is this Wednesday at Berkeley’s Pyramid Alehouse. It’s for a good cause (Oakland’s Children’s Hospital & Research Center) and you might even get to see this Nick Swisher fellow. [NickSwisher.net]
  • The big news of the day? The Reds and A’s each exchanged “players to be named later.” [ESPN]
  • Dallas Braden, freshly-minted big-leaguer, will get the ball tonight against Texas. [Official Site, last item]

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