Farewell, Jason Kendall.

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As you’ve probably heard, the A’s traded fan favorite Jason Kendall to the Cubs yesterday, making Kendall the second Jason to leave Oakland in the last month. The trade will allow 23-year-old CS Fullerton alum Kurt Suzuki–who we love–to play full-time. The Cubs sent impressive 6’6″ minor league lefty Jerry Blevins to the A’s.

While surfing the interwebs for Jason Kendall info, we stumbled upon an old fan site titled “The Jason Kendall Connection.” Here are some Jason Kendall fun “facts”:

  • His favorite TV shows include Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place
  • Says he’s a mama’s boy
  • Very humorous
  • Takes every game seriously
  • Plays with all heart every game
  • Always has faith in his teammates
  • Loves playing baseball in Pittsburgh and hopes to stay here for a long time

Oh, how we pine for the halcyon days of Geocities websites. And next time someone launches a harangue about how blogs are ruining journalism, just point them to some of these old Geocities sites. It’s like they pillaged Sports Illustrated For Kids.

The Jason Kendall Connection [Geocities]

Is trading Kendall a signal? [SFGate]

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