Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Mike Gallego?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Mike Gallego was the starting second baseman on the great A’s teams of the late 80s and early 90s. The UCLA product was the perfect supporting cast member to the Oakland superstars (the McGwires, Cansecos, Hendersons, etc), playing excellent defense while doing his job at the plate. He even led the league in sacrifices in 1990.

Gallego could–and did–play all infield positions, but LaRussa mainly kept him at second base. After the 1991 season, he signed with the Yankees as a free agent, only to reunite with the A’s in 1995. He then finished his career with the ’97 St. Louis Cardinals, capping off a 13-year career. Not bad for a 5’8″, 160-lb kid who hit .239.

Soon thereafter, Gallego became a coach in the Colorado Rockies organization. Now in his seventh year with the club, he is currently the Rockies’ bench coach and infield instructor. He and his family reside in Yorba Linda, California.

Also, his birthday is on Halloween.

Mike Gallego [Rockies Official Site]


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