Your NFL West Preview

We were going to start rolling out our own NFL preview within the next couple months, but now we don’t really see the point.

The 49ers will be a good young team because they are a good young team.

The Seahawks will win the wild card because they are experienced.

The Rams will finish third because they will be distracted.

The Cardinals have a second year quarterback so they will finish last.

Don’t ever leave us, Kige. We can’t quit you.


2 Responses to Your NFL West Preview

  1. dp says:

    I’ve heard many so-called experts pick the Niners to do well this year, but hearing it from Kige just means so much more.

  2. Troy says:

    I respectfully disagree. The Seahawks will repeat once again or the Rams will win the West. The Niners aren’t all there yet, until next year.

    Check out my article “Shutting up the 49ers Fans” —

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