Nostalgia: The 1987 Giants And “Humm Baby!

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With Sunday’s 20-year anniversary celebration of the 1987 San Francisco Giants, we thought we’d revisit the division-winning team as well.

The ’87 squad was a fun bunch that came of age just two years after the franchise-worst 1985 campaign. Youngsters like Will Clark and Robby Thompson finally came into their own, and free agent additions like Jose Uribe, Rick Reuschel and Candy Maldonado solidified the team. But, as Rick Hurd writes, Roger Craig brought the team together in the friendly confines of the ‘Stick:

Then there was Roger Craig, the manager hired by Rosen late in 1985. He brought a relentlessly optimistic outlook to the manager’s chair. Craig instilled a unique rallying cry — “Humm Baby” — and sold his players that even if the home conditions were miserable, the home tenants didn’t have to be.

“Guys had always complained about how cold it was at Candlestick, how miserable it was,” Thompson says. “But Roger turned that into an advantage for us. He’d tell us to look at the other (team). He’d tell us they weren’t thinking about winning the game. It became kind of a rallying point.”

So, in the name of Mike LaCoss, here’s the Giants lineup, according to most games started:

C Bob Brenly
1B Will Clark
2B Robby Thompson
3B Kevin Mitchell
SS Jose Uribe
LF Jeffrey Leonard
CF Chili Davis
RF Candy Maldonado

SP Kelly Downs
SP Dave Dravecky
SP Atlee Hammaker
SP Mike Krukow
SP Mike LaCoss

Giants’ chemistry was ‘awesome’ [Inside Bay Area]

1987 San Francisco Giants Roster [Baseball Almanac]

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