Bill Walsh …

Before we share our own (brief) thoughts on Bill Walsh, we encourage all readers to allot some internet time to check out the Bill Walsh Tribute at SFGate. There is a plethora of articles, photo galleries and memories, all worth your attention and reflection.

You know, when growing up, you don’t really admire coaches.

They’re just there, in the background. In eyes of a starry-eyed kid, the Will Clarks of the sports world always seem to eclipse the Roger Craigs. It was the same with the Bash Brothers and Tony LaRussa. You just don’t appreciate the genius of the coach until you get older, start playing the sport, begin to understand the depth of the game and so on.

Obviously, with the likes of Joe, Steve, Jerry and Ronnie, the great 49ers teams of the ’80s had plenty of star power, but in retrospect, is there any doubt at all that Bill Walsh was the greatest member of that dynasty?

His accomplishments are staggering. I won’t go into them–others on the tribute page have been doing it better than we could–but, as a sports fan and a young professional, Bill Walsh was the epitome of everything right with the world.

It’s hard to put into words, but there’s a feeling I get when I see this old footage of Walsh on the news. It’s a flashback to the past, only this time, I have the ability to appreciate his greatness and humility, if that makes sense.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: in terms of sports and life, I can’t think of a better inspiration than Bill Walsh. On some level (or at some point), everyone likes to believe they are special, that they are an innovator and that they will succeed by doing things “the right way.”

Walsh affirmed those dreams. I can’t think of anything more inspiring.

[Sorry for the nonsensical reflections. Feel free to share your own in the comments section.]


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