Giants Roundup: Adventures In Dodgerland Begin Tonight!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Despite the Giants’ firm grasp on last place, the Dodgers’ success, Brad Penny’s 13-1, 2.51 line, the Bonds fiasco reaching its boiling point and Ray Durham’s reluctance to return our fan letters, we are really looking forward to this three-game set. Maybe it’s because we need a break from the Dog Days of Summer. Maybe it’s because the odds say the Giants gotta beat the Dodgers sometime.

Nah, it’s just that whole Giants-Dodgers thing.

  • On September 17, 1997, Barry Bonds’ now-famous “twirl home run” knocked the Dodgers out of the race and scarred them for nearly ten beautiful years. [LA Times]
  • Barry might not play tonight, which would really piss off Dodger fans. [SFGate]
  • On August 2nd, before the series finale, the Dodgers will hold a two-hour pregame steroid awareness clinic on the field for youngsters. Subtle AND classy, those Dodgers. [100% Injury Rate]
  • What if … the Giants had moved to Tampa in ’92? [The Sporting Orange, via Deadspin]
  • We’re not the only Zito Apologists out there! [El Lefty Malo]
  • Rod Beck’s family received a very warm welcome in the Bay this weekend. [ESPN]
  • A-Rod isn’t exactly a lock to break the record that everyone thinks he is. But he likes strippers. So he’s got that going for himself. Which is nice. [100% Injury Rate]
  • Even though the A’s and Giants appear to be in similar dire straits, Bruce Jenkins thinks Oakland is in a much, much better position. We’re inclined to agree. [SFGate]
  • An open letter to Jay Mariotti, who called Giants fans “unconditionally glorifying sheep.” [McCovey Chronicles]
  • On Sunday, Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci wrote that hitting number 756 outside of San Francisco would be a disaster. So, about that … [SI]
  • Oh, and Buddy Boy will be in attendance tonight. [ESPN]
  • BREAKING: Matt Morris traded to Pittsburgh for speedy centerfielder Rajai Davis. [MSNBC]

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