So, About That Rasheed Movement…

Several months ago, we raised the need to trade for one Rasheed Wallace.

Since then, we’ve seen the Warriors deal Michigan native Jason Richardson for the mid-level exception and Brandan Wright. Also, the man who all Warriors fans have had daytime fantasies at least four times a day and the NBA’s biggest trade chip–Kevin Garnett–has landed in Boston.

Meanwhile, the Warriors still have a glaring hole down low next to Biedrins. If they are going to compete (let alone make the playoffs), they need someone to guard the Duncans, Boozers et al of the West.

Al Harrington is a nice player to come off the bench for some instant offense, but his below-average defense and rebounding makes him a “wannabe 4.” To make the anticipated rebounding woes worse, Jason Richardson is/was an outstanding rebounder from the guard position (Monta Ellis barely averaged 3 boards last year; J-Rich, nearly twice that for his career).

Everyone’s talking about possibilities, from Drew Gooden to Stro Swift.

We’d like to reintroduce the floor to Rasheed Wallace.

Rasheed for Harrington, Sarunas Jaskevicius and Patrick O’Bryant? It might be a little trickier to swing a deal now that J-Rich is gone, since the Warriors are suddenly thin in the backcourt (i.e., Ellis can’t be a part of the trade now, unless a guard is coming back too), but we’d be willing to trade Brandan Wright if it nets us ‘Sheed. Like we said before, with Baron aging as he is, the Warriors’ window is closing. The time is now.

[Also, congrats to Monta Ellis on his invite to work out with Team USA.]

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One Response to So, About That Rasheed Movement…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like it, but I wouldn’t give up wright for him.

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