A’s Roundup: BoomDizzle Edition

  • Vladdy Daddy snapped out of his month-long homerless slump in a big way last night, hitting a pair of dingers to top the A’s 6-2. The A’s are now 13 games back in the West. “Dingers” is a funny word. [SFGate]
  • Eric Chavez is “baffled.” [ESPN]
  • While the Giants celebrated their deadline deal (reactions from Pittsburgh here, btw), the trade deadline came and went for the A’s. Why? That damn Moneyball book is one possibility. Also, the new collective bargaining agreement. [Catfish Stew]
  • Geren is still not comfortable using Huston Street on back-to-back days. He also plans to ease him back into the closer role. [ESPN]
  • To make room on the roster for the aforementioned Street, the A’s had to release fan-favorite redhead Bobby Kielty and his .200 average. [ESPN]
  • Kurt Suzuki! Kurt Suzuki! [The Drumbeat]
  • The A’s will unveil new alternate uniforms for the 2008 season. Some are pining for sleeveless jerseys; others for pinstripes. Though we like the solid green/black look, we wouldn’t mind seeing something with the elephant on it. [Athletics Nation]
  • Speaking of 2008, the A’s are on the short list of teams that might open the season in Japan against the BoSox. [ESPN]
  • Baron Davis threw out the first pitch on Friday. Actually he threw up a jump shot from the pitchers’ mound. [Fear The Beard]

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