Jon Lovitz: Oddly Lucid

During last night’s Giants-Dodgers athletic contest, sideline reporter extraordinaire Erin Andrews interviewed Jon Lovitz during the game. Fresh off beating up Andy Dick, Lovitz was in a candid mood and actually made a lot of sense out of this steroids mess. We’re eagerly anticipating the Youtube version of this, but for now, Bugs & Cranks has a transcription of part of Lovitz’s rant:

“All this stuff about steroids is a bunch of a crap, you know.I know about seven years ago I spoke to a major baseball player in the league, and I said, ‘How many players do you think take steroids?’

And he said ‘Forty percent.’

And I’m not saying whether he [Bonds] took ‘em or not, all I’m saying is the league totally allowed it, you know.

And anyway, whether he did it or not. You figure out of all those players — 750 — three guys hit a lot of home runs. Three.

So obviously that’s three out of 300 taking it. And that’s not the difference. So, you got to work your ass off. The guy’s just a great hitter.“

At the conclusion of the interview soliloquy, Andrews said something along the lines of “Well, that’s that” and sent it back to Berman and Morgan in the booth, where they were both rendered speechless (and we thought that was impossible).

The moral of the story: Jon Lovitz makes plenty of sense out of this Bonds fiasco. And Erin Andrews is (still) hot.

Bonds = Perfect Role Model; Jon Lovitz Makes Most Intelligent Bonds Comment Since Chris Rock’s [Bugs & Cranks]

Wake Up with Erin Andrews [Barstool Sports]


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