The Oakley Movement?

You know who we’d rather have instead of Austin Croshere?

Charles Motherf***ing Oakley.

Despite a newfound career as Michael Jordan’s personal bodyguard, being 43 years old, calling Dikembe Mutombo “Junior” and being drafted before Andris Biedrins was born, Oakley is saying that wants to play again:

But the rugged power forward who played against Isiah Thomas and with Eddy Curry is serious about making a comeback. The 43-year-old, one of the most beloved players ever to wear a Knicks uniform, believes there are plenty of teams that could use his toughness, leadership and defense.

He specifically mentioned the Knicks, Nets, Cavs and Mavs. “Look at how bad Cleveland was in the NBA Finals,” said Oakley, proving his tongue is still as sharp as his elbows. “They had big guys who couldn’t move and can’t shoot. They never knocked Tony Parker on his butt.

“I’m not saying I’m better than guys who play every day. But I can play 20 minutes a night. I understand the game. I can shoot, make free throws and defend. A lot of teams don’t have a general on the floor. I’m not trying to steal from anybody. Give me a tryout and if you don’t think I can do it, then just cut me.”

Obviously, “Oak” wouldn’t start and would have trouble running and gunning with Baron and the Boys, but is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that he could bang with the power forwards of the West better than the Warriors’ current duo of Al Harrington and Brandan “Toothpick” Wright? Plus, he would certainly be more entertaining than Mr. Croshere.

And the badass factor! Oh, the badass factor!

Dear god, here’s hoping this pipedream comes true. C’mon, Jebus; make it happen!

At 43, Oakley wants to play again [NY Post]

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